Melia Dubia returns (credentials)

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In my farm, I have 1000+ melia dubia plants aged about 3 years, and are going good. I am exploring further increasing Melia Dubia to another 2000+ plants but first I would like to know from fellow members on this forum if anyone has firsthand exposure in melia dubia harvesting, selling the produce. There is a lot of information on the Internet on the potential of Melia Dubia but nothing in concreate in terms of credentials from seller perspective.


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Thank you Bhayya Mr.Vamsi,

This Malia Dubia Plantation in the Farms have Started since 3 Years. So far no Harvested Plantations are there in the Farmers Lands. This Tree  is Marketable to Plywood Industry only after SIX Years. You have to wait for  completion of SIX years of your Plantation.On our side we are moving Industries as well as Govt. for Providing Encouragement to this Gold Harvest Melia Dubia.Without any hesitation you can go for in much any area of Land  of Further plantation .

MANNE SN, Vasudha Green Farms,
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[size=140]Dear Mr. Vamshi,

We made a market research on Melia dubia on a Paid Programme for a Indian Multi National Company.  We cant publish this report for public as per our Contract.  Then, as per our investigation it take 8 years plus to attain industry acceptable quality.  That too if you plant not more than 180 plants.  We sincerely advice think thrice before going for Melia dubia. 

Instead you can prefer Eucalyptus.

Raghu Ram[/size]

Thank you Siy,\

Why you are discouraging the Melia Dubia Plantation. You take the Research Paper made by TNAU. Do you know that Karnataka Govt. has banned in NEW Plantation of  Eucalyptus because it spoils the Land condition.Other State Govts. are also on the line of that action. If you got a report why don’t you publish  this report for the sake and for the Benefit of the Farmers.Then we will  appreciate your effort made for the benefit of Public.

Dear Mr. Manne -

See response from Raghuram, do you some credentials to prove your point else I might have to consider that you are just fooling people in the name of Gold Harvest. If you do not have testimonials from AP, you can give references from Karnataka or TN.

I know you are selling your Gold Harvest idea by showing my Melia Dubia farm at Kohir-Marpally but the reality is that you only gave me around 5% seedlings to replace the dead plants. Please show me and people on this forum what testimonials you have to claim that Melia Dubia is good timber plantation.

I do not want to corner you but seeing the number of people vising my farm with your reference is only making me suspicious that you are exaggerating the actual income of Melia Dubia to make your living like other Nursery owners on this forum.

Awaiting for your reply with testimonials from anywhere in India?


[size=140][color=green]We are not discouraging Melia dubia. We are sharing the facts about Melia dubia yields. 

To make money, in the past also people promoted Paulonia, then Mangium.  No one knows what happened to this plantations. And now Melia dubia. 

Since twenty years we are in this profession and saw many many such dubiois plants and nursery men who are promising sky and earth.  This is to tell one and all Sampada Farms & Consultatns is against faulse promises. 

You are deviating the topic by saying that Eucalyptus is banned by Karnataka Government.  This is another faulse statement.  On March 18th 2011 Governement of Karnataka, asked Karnataka Forest Development Corporation to stop the cultivation of Eucallyputs on Govt forest lands.  This is not a ban.  This is not applicable for private lands/people. 

And probably you are not aware that the same order was again revoked on January 6th 2013.  As per that order again Karnataka Forest Dvelopment Corporation doing eucalyptus plantation. TN, Telangana and AP forest departments are encouraging eucalyptus regularly.

Here point of discussion is “Yields and returns of melia dubia”.  If you have answers for the queires of Mr. Vamshi, you can answer  Instead of answeing Mr. Vamsi, why you are pulling us into this.  Dont show finger towards us.

We stand whatever we post.  We dont have any nursery neither for melia nor for eucalyptus.

Before also we published TNAU articles and papers on this forum.  Even TNAU is also not promising such huge yields/returns. [/color][/size]

Thank you Mr. Vamsi !

I never reveled that the seedlings at your Farm are supplied by me . But I am showing the Plantation (With Your Permission) of 2.50 Yrs Plantation to View/assess the Growth of the Tree in shorter time.I have not informed to anybody that the seedlings in your Farm are supplied by me. Even though I have not supplied the seedlings I have advising on your Plantation Time and again. While going to your Farm Kindly visit the Farm of 10 Acres in Shankarpally which was Planted on 14th November 2014. We are encouraging the Farmers to have the Plantation which is having Fast Growth . Kindly go through the article of TNAU  posted by Sampada Farms earlier. I am encouraging the Farmers based on the poolproof Information got from the TNAU.  You can get the Fruits of this Plantation only after SIX years. Why you are expecting the Fruits in three Years against the Scheduled yield of SIX (Plywood) / TEN (For Timber) years
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Dear Mr. Manne,

I was looking for credentials to check further scope of expansion, and thats it.

Thank you Sir,

Kindly Mail to me we will furnish an Analysis on the Future demand for this Timber and also the details of the various Organisations working on this subject of Future demand for the Timber.
for vasudha Green Farms,
Hyderabad ,Telangana,

Dear Manne,
I Guess what vamsi is looking for is experience of someone who has successfully marketed Melia Dubia Timber. Based on this experience I guess he is looking forward to expand his plantation.

Vamsi Correct me if I am wrong

Thank you Sir Mr.sumore2020 Sab for your Posting on Melia Dubia Harvested Market Potentiality.

Its Harvested Period for Plywood Companies are SIX Years. So far SIX Years plantation on commercial lines are not available any where in India.As far as my knowledge is concerned, one Farmer’s Plantation at Anantapur is the Maximum i.e. FOUR Years old.He  has planted at a very close distance of 5 FEET and hence the girth of the Plants are very low.Marketing will arise only when it comes to a stage of usefulness to the Consumer.Incidentally we are  informing you that the Harvesting Period of Melia Dubia is > 6 Years for Plywood Industry and >10 for Furniture and construction Industry as per the researches.Several Farmers are discouraging the NEW Farmers on the doubt about its Marketing. However I am providing my Analysis on  Marketing of Harvested Melia Dubia with my little knowledge.
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Considering growing demand of wood…i think melia dubia is better option than other plantations

Yes Sir it is 100% correct. Not only better option for Plantation but also  in present scenario no  other cultivation can get this much Income besides effortless Farming. Also there assured Market for Harvest  ed  Trees. Now we are assuring that one can get Marketing even after > 2 Years and there is no need to wait for SIX Years.
Vasudha  Green Farms,,

Dear Manne sir & Other subject matter experts,

For the benefit of the forum, may I request you to share the contacts of melia dubia buyers (state-wise) so that interested people can directly contact and clear the doubts on the below:

  1. Permission details from forestry dept-hassles involved,
  2. Minimum basic characteristics of the tree for it be suitable for sale,
  3. Cutting charges,
  4. Transportation charges,
  5. Current market price per cubic feet etc & other nuances whose info may be essential for commercial sale.

This may well help the farmers to take concrete decision. Eagerly awaiting the replies.

Thanks & Regards
Guru Prasad
+91 9620944466

Dear Guru,

I am no expert, here are some links and contact information that you could follow up to learn further.

As always, please do learn and confirm the demand from the final consumers & buyers i.e. wood companies.
I would also recommend following up with TNAU given that they an MOU etc

Good info on Melia Dubia … embu%20%29

Info about market prices (might be old info) and contact info

Article about contract farming by TNAU … 054612.ece

Wish you the best.

Dear Forum friends,

I got the below reply from one of the reputed plywood industries for my queries. I am pasting the reply for the benefit of the forum. Below info is just from one of the companies and may not be common across other similar companies.

FAQ on Melia Dubia (Kadbevu)
Melia is one of the fast and best specie for manufacture of plywood. Apart from plywood, Melia wood is used in MDF, Particleboard, Block Board & Flush Door industry also.

The economic girth of tree at the time of harvesting should be about 40” or 110 Cms.  In plantation it takes between 12  & 14 years for tree to put on this girth.  It is water loving tree and in irrigated condition growth is good, however optimum supply of water should be given.  First 3 years are critical for growth of tree.  During this period they can be fertilized irrigated and most important pruned so that tree can grow tall and straight.  Beyond 3 years pruning is not required.
Melia grows all over Indian sub continent and South East Asia.  It is fast growing specie.  Growth rates are excellent where water availability is good.  In low rainfall areas growth is slower.  In order to maximise growth plough land deep and see that pit size when planting seedlings is minimum 2 ft. Cube.  We recommend minimum spacing of 15’ x 15’. First two/three years are important and branches have to be pruned to get straight bowl. Growth rate of Melia is generally 1 cuft per tree per year this is thumb rule.  It grows faster on bunds and periphery of agricultural land in plantation growth is slower.  Melia is good wood for manufacture of plywood.  The minimum girth required is 90 Cms.

Present price of Melia Dubia in Hunsur are as follows;
Circumference (girth) 36” & up 8 ½’ or 13’ and longer  - Rs.325/- per Cuft
Circumference (girth) 42” & up 13’ and longer                  Rs.375/- per Cuft.
Circumference (girth) 48” & up 13’ and longer                  Rs.425/- per Cuft.
Delivered at Factory

These logs are selected logs for veneering (peeling) and should be without knots, defects and should be straight.
Shorter logs have lesser value as these logs are used for core purpose only.
Sawing Logs are being sold on tonnage basis, rate being approx. Rs.6000/- per ton.  We donot purchase sawing logs.

  1. How  can i sell this plant from Sehore once it is ready…?

    It has demand all over India for Sawing, Plywood, Particle Board & MDF
2) What precautions do i have to take during cultivation…?

    Planting pint should be 2’ x 2’ x 2’ Cube

  1. When can i use my land for farming again once melia dubia is harvested…?

    Immediately, infact you can do inter cultivation.

  1. Once melia dubia is harvested do i have to plant it again or will
    it grow from the same bark…?

    You will have to plant again.

  1. can i plant seeds instead of saplings…?

    It is very difficult to germinate melia seeds.  Plant Saplings.

  1. if have to cross cultivate other crops which can i cultivate. can i
    plant bigget trees like mango,guava,black berry(jamun)

    yes you can but eventually you will have to decide as it may effect crop due excess shade.

P.S.The above information and prices are indicative only and should not be treated as final                                       

From the above info, I assume that each tree on an average on a realistic note works out to be 3000 to 4000 Rs based on current market price (I have assumed 0.5 Ft radius & 13 Ft height after 10 years with good management). I still would like to seek important information cutting charges per tree, transportation cost per tree assuming a distance of 200 kilometers. Then it becomes quite easy to work out economics considering cost of cultivation, cost of harvesting etc to arrive at net profitability. Kindly enlighten.

Thanks & Regards

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[font=arial black][b]Thank you Sir bringing out a GOOD information.

But the Information regarding Income is of Minimum and can get more income than that of the what you have heard even on worst conditions. Hence happily you can go for Plantation of [color=yellow][color=orange]Gold[/color][/color] Harvest [color=green]Melia Dubai[/color] [color=purple]Plantation[/color] without any Hesitation. Regarding Marketing we will take care for any Quantity.For this 9133498366 or mail to . We will Provide any sort of information on Melia Dubai to our Forum Members.


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Dear sir
Please don’t expect a miraculous growth from any tree species.they are not vegetables, they require space and time to far as I know a minimum spacing of 10×10 and a period of 15 years is required. Even then you may expect to get 30 to 40% of them to attain a girth of 2 feet and above.for ply wood industry they need to be of minimum girth of 2 feet to peel. In 6 or 8 years they are just poles, they are not called TREE. For timber it is a different story, they need to mature to develop heart wood.white  outer layer is just useful as firewood. Minimum girth of 4 feet and above only considered as TIMBER. and I think it takes minimum of 20 years .even then you may get 20 to 30% of them to gain that size.
Yes definitely there is a huge income. Your investment earns twice the amount of your BANK F D in a environment friendly way with great satisfaction to you. You can grow black pepper after 3 years of planting melia dubia. There is also a good income.agriculture is not real estate business.
Forgive me for my English
Thank you.


Thank you for your Post,

The Girth of 4 FEET as you require in SIX years on Irrigation Conditions. If on rainfed it will be in 8 Years. If any body can get the Timber in Large quantity of Minimum 500-1000 Tones , our clients are offering Rs.6 to 8 thousands / Ton with a Girth of 20" and above. This 20" cn get in TWO years. I will post 1 Year Plants Girth Separately. As our Brother bunt said , there is no need for waiting 15 Years.If one grows for 10 Years, it (Melia Dubai) will fetch Timber Value. The above Information i am giving only on Practical results. MANNE SN 9133498366

Fellow Farmers growing MD,

Is there any one who has an update or experience of the yield they have from Melia Dubia farming.
I guess the question i have is - is it worth incorporating in the integrated Agro forestry model for a bulk return at the end of 10 years?