Medicinal properties of nuts or oil from Indian Cedar (Deodar / Dayar)

Does anyone know how the nuts / oil from Indian cedar tree - Cedrus deodara (natively called Deodar or Dayar) found in the Himalayas compare with Siberian pine (Pinus sibirica), occasionally erroneously referred to as Siberian cedar.

Nuts and oil made from the Siberian variety is said to have tremendous medicinal value. The tree is described in ancient scriptures to contain amazing properties. The oil is super expensive and has a unique, secretive method in which it is extracted from the nuts.

I’ve read that the Lebanese cedar, Cedrus libani, is as good as the Siberian variety. How about the Indian cedar?

Many thanks.

Quick update:
Seeds of Indian Cedar (Cedrus deodara) are inedible. However it’s relative is Chilgoza pine (Pinus gerardiana) whose seeds are edible and are said to be medically beneficial. It’s an extremely slow growing tree found in parts of Himachal Pradesh in India and neighbouring Pakistan and Afganistan.