Mechanization in brinjal precision farming to save labour


After return from US , see how seriously and beautifully pursuing Agriculture - Precision farming in Brinjal as well as Tomato in paired row methods 90 cms * 60 cms * 75 cms spacing …The honda power weeder  help reduce farmers’ reliance on manual labor for undertaking works like weeding and earthing up …

Hello, I a guy who is just starting off with growing marigold in 1 acre in time for Ugadi and then will start rose open cultivation from May-June.  I have been paying the tractor guy around 650 per hour for his services.  My question is will this honda weeder be as handy as a tractor and how much will this honda machine cost. 

And sir, you and other elders in this group and local farmers in and around Hosur where I have started my farming have been an inspiration for newcomers like me.  Please continue with detailed explanations of your progressive farming methods which will help us.  I would love to visit your farm and speak to you.



Sure it is handy and manageable by a single person for doing multiple task like weeding , rides and furrow formation , cultivator …Actually I could not upload video since the file size is bigger than permitted uploading size …
Cost is Rs.80,000 …Labor in Agriculture has gone a way beyond farmers’ management in terms of cost and timely availability of labor …I will just post as and when development takes place in the field

42 days old brinjal plants in the field …

Drip irrigation with rated discharge  of 2 lit per hour ,  emitters spaced at 0.40 M , laid in black cotton soil , run daily for 2 hours …

The optimum level of irrigation keeps the brinjal from root rot disease and also save the plants from stress

Dear Ramu,
Taking inspiration from your briunjal posts, we have also done 2 acres. Attached photos. Please give comments.
Half is purple roud variety, other half is green long.
Crop is 50 days old. Variety is MAHY 9 and MAHY 11. Completely following precision farming.



Looks great …Seems you have been sincerely following the precision cultivation …Your brinjal crops look really great and in about 50 days the crop has registered enough growth


Thanks ,
One question though, some branches are breaking in the green long variety. I am planning to go for staking like we do for tomato, is there any specific technique to be followed for staking brinjal?



Generally hybrid brinjal has fragile stems and twigs …When the branche produces more fruits , the weight of fruits in clusters exert more weight that pulls down the twigs that either bend down or simply break down falling over the ground …

You can provide staking with 5-6 feet long wooden poles driving bottom one foot into the ground in such a way that two poles are planted on either end of the brinjal row and jute threat or zinc wires are run along the brinjal rows on each side and tied taut  to the corresponding poles on either end of brinjal rows . If length of rows exceeds 10 M distance , you can provide supporting poles in the middle of the rows . So the brinjal plants grow straight and the branch with more fruits will just fall on the side of the jute thread or zinc wires that keep the branches from falling …


45 th days the intercultivation is done in the inter row spaces in brinjal …Because the black cotton soil would get hard over the period… An intercultivation at this time would loosen the soil to improve soil air circulation and enhanced growth and flowering …

Mahua oil is sprayed on foliage  as well as delivered to brinjal via drip irrigation …Mahua oil has tremendous effect on controlling pest and disease and also trigger more flowering and fruiting

on 51st day after planting the brinjal has covered entire ground and found to be bearing lot of flowers and fruits …Inspite of being a soft ware engineer  , with no previous experience , his systematic approach and great interest in agriculture made him successful in farming …

Brinjal fruits are growing in size and first harvest is expected in about a week or 10 days time . Almost entire field started producing flowers profusely

The gulshan brinjal is ready for first harvest in a day or two …Summer temperature is shooting upto 43-45 degree celsius in May and strategy to protect brinjal and maintain yield during hot summer is to give more water during the evening hours and to avoid watering in day time . The turgid cells of plants during day time irrigation schedule get burned and scorched in the high mercury and potasium foliar spray will be a relief in summer …

Harvest started 10 days back …The brinjal has grown well with profuse flowering in all the brinjal plants . Since this is black cotton soil , the fruit yield keeps slowly raising unlike in sandy soil type where brinjal comes to early flowering and last harvest is done soon in about 150- 160 days .Here in black cotton soil brinjal continues to grow until after 270 days after planting 

Harvested fruits are as attached

summer camp in Brinjal field …Time to relax

The brinjal Ghulshan is doing very well with incremental yield increase . The selling price is also in the range of Rs. 15 to 20 per kg …20 fruits on an average weigh around 1.0 kg