Measuring your farm

Hello All,

Many of you would know this but thought of putting here for others who don’t know.

Recently google map have uploaded the image taken on 2014 and also there is an option to measure your farmes. Please follow the below steps,

  1. Got to
  2. Change to satellite mode and Search your location and find your land
  3. Zoom in/out as needed
  4. Right cick at the starting position of the farm and select “Measure Distance”
  5. Again right click on the Ending point and select “Distance to here”
  6. You can click the line and drag appropriately
  7. This will show the length of each sides
  8. If you drag and make the Starting and Ending point at one position then at the top you can find the total square feet.
  9. Just divide the value by 43560 to calculate the area in acres.


  1. This will helpful in measuring the land with more than 10 acres
  2. This will also helpful for fence design and fencing calculation


Some easier ways were discussed here: … g-of-farm/

I think using wikimapia is missing. see attached ppt how it can be measured if the farm is a trapizium

Yes, that should work for somewhat regular plots.

The links in the mapping thread don’t need you to measure distance; you mark out the plot however irregular and bingo, you have the area in whichever units you prefer.

Folks I don’t have access to this link ( on other tools available for measurement. Can someone post it again or is special access required

This should be the right link, a broken link due to the migration.