Can anyone recommend pesticide for marigold crop

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  How many day’s plant start blooming
I have planted on 13 August is there
Any medicine  to make them bloom fast

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Pinching/ nipping and earthling up:

  1. Three weeks after transplanting earthling up is done and then one week after earthling up or 1 month after transplanting the seedlings.
  2. Pinching is followed for bushy growth of the plant and development of lateral branches.
  3. Pinching is generally done for the 40 days after transplanting,
  4. Pinching results into production of more number of flowers.

plants take 40-50 days to flower.

Loose flowers are plucked when attain full size depending upon the variety.

Flowers should be harvested in the morning hours.

Irrigation before plucking gives better flower quality.

Plucking of flowers regularly and removal of dried flowers enhance the yield.

Generally African marigold starts flowering after 2.5 – 3.0 months of planting
while French marigold takes 2.0 – 2.5 months after planting

Marigold Cultivation: Guidelines for Marigold Cultivation by ICAR-CIARI
Marigold Sowing Time: Mid-June, Mid Sept. Jan- Feb.
Marigold Transplanting Time: Mid July, Mid October, Feb - March
Marigold Flowering Season: Late rain, Winter, Summer
Marigold Harvesting Time: Picked once in 3 days; 60 days after planting