Marketing Produce to Hotels


I am trying to understand the modalities of marketing produce to the Hotels directly. Especially How and who should be approached for marketing your produce. If any one is currently involved in selling products directly to the Hotels can you please share some information.


As per my understanding and survey, hotels and some of the retail chains require uninterrupted supply on daily/weekly basis in less quantities.
Some of the retail chains which were procuring directly from farmers lately realized that that direct sourcing from farmers is somewhat unpredictable in terms of quantity and quality which eventually leads to less control over inventory planning against forecasted/estimated demand for the day/week. Therefore hotels/retails chains have unwillingly resorted to third party agents who collect the produce from farmers generally from nearby villages to city, grade it, pack it as per the requirement and supply.
If you directly want to market your produce to hotels, you have to personally meet the buyer section/procurement dept/stores incharge and try your luck. It again depends on type of product. When you visit in person you can at least get the contact details of the third party agents from the hotel resources & you can supply to the agents instead of hotels/retail chains directly.