Marketable Alsandi/Cow pea variety for intercropping with fruit trees

Dear Forum members,

I am trying to identify an appropriate leguminous(Nitrogen fixer) creeper/Live mulch for drip irrigated old Horticulture farm.
Basically we should be able to have 2 creeper plants near the drip micro tube openings on either ends of the periphery of the trees. So that 2 creeper plants per Horticulture tree can cover the gaps between trees and eliminate the need for weedicide.

Shortlisted :

  1. Broad beans (Chikudi kai).  Pros : 1 plant covers lot of area ; Cons : I heard it doesn’t give beans for lot of days

  2. Cow pea :  There is a creeper but I am not sure its marketable ? any idea
        I have attached the pic of cow pea sold in Bangalore super markets but looks like a busy cow pea not a creeper. Not sure what variety it is
    Here are the varities from Palekars book : Pusa Phalguni, Pusa Dophasali, C-152, C-20, Type-2, JC-5

  3. Any other Nitroger fixing(leguminous) creeper that you suggest that, ?


Lablab beans(chapparada avare): This has good market valyue because it is rare. This is a winter crop.

Mucuna Pruriens/Velvet bean/nasagunni avare(kannada). The beans are prurchased by medicine companies. The beans are NOT EDIBLE.
The bean pods are itchy. IIHR has developed a veriety which is not itchy.
The bean rates are 65/Kg. (locally middlemen buys for 40/Kg) 3 tons/acre is the yeild.

mucuna bracteata(Nelamucchala Balli): These are used only in rubber plantation. There is a caution, the creeper spreads like anything and cover entire land not allowing to grow anything. This has to be periodically pruned. This cannot be used as fodder. Cows dont eat it.

Thanks Sri.
What is the sowing time for Broadbeans (Lablab beans,chapparada avare, Chikudukai)  and  velvet beans? Monsoon period June/July ?

PS : I have checked that IIHR has 2 varieties of velvet beans that are non-itchy


Lablab beans needs misty nights. it is better Late September/October is best. You can harvest in Nov/Dec. It is 60-65 days crop.

What is the name of Non itchy veriety of velvet beans? Are they Arka Dhanvantari and Arka Ashwini?

Correct Its Arka Dhanvantari and Arka Ashwini