Market review “Grain-handling Capacities in Ukrainian ports”

Ahead of a new grain season in Ukraine, a few statements at once were made about intentions of investors to develop grain-handling facilities in Ukraine’s ports. Grain market participants remain strongly interested in developing grain handling facilities in ports and building own logistics chains.

From this viewpoint, the Ukrainian grain-handling segment is assessed as the most investment attractive and promising for funding. Consulting agency “UkrAgroConsult” offers you more information on the latest trends and development prospects of grain-handling complex in Ukraine in its market review “Grain-handling Capacities in Ukrainian ports: Attractive for Investing ”.

I. Resume
II. Ukraine. Grain production and export trends
2.1. Main trends in grains and oilcrops production and exports, 2008-2014
2.2. Perspectives of grain production and exports from Ukraine till 2020
2.3. SWOT-analysis of grain market in Ukraine
III. Grain-handling capacities in the Ukrainian sea ports
3.1. General description and geographic location
3.2. Classification of the grain handling ports
3.3. Development trends in Ukraine’s grain-handling sector
3.4. Estimated theoretical grain-handling capacities in Ukraine
3.5. Estimated actual grain-handling capacities in Ukraine’s seaports
3.6. Grain storage capacities in the ports
3.8. Assessment of competitive advantages of major ports and terminals
3.9. Quantitative estimate of load of terminals, 2008-2014
3.10. Construction of new ports. Projects for upgrading and increasing capacity of existing ports
3.11. Grain-handling sector in Ukraine: Risks and Possibilities
IV. Supply and demand balance of grain-handling capacities in Ukraine, 2013/14 – 2014/15