Marigold varieties

Good Day ,
Can anyone advice me best hybrid Marigold varieties . I am planning to go for intercultivation .

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Dear Sri Narendra,

Basically there are two varieties in Marigold. One is African varieties ( tall and bushy ) and another is French varieties ( short bushy and slim ) . For our markets and for good production yield, prefer African varieties.

IARI, pusa, IIHR, Hesargatta, Bengaluru, Tnau, Periyakulam, NG Ranga univ, and all most all Indian Agri/horti institutes, universities have released so many high yielding, market accepted varieties.

Also we have to farm the locally a market accepted variety. Hence we advise you, try to take the help of your area horticulture officer and also thè Kvk near your area for a good high yielding suitable to your area and a market accepted.

Also so many private breeders/traders are selling good hybrids and you also can have this information from your nearest city/town seeds sellers. Better select a locally accepted variety in African varieties.

With best wishes, G.p.rao, Farmer

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Hello Sir,

We selected east west variety for marigold which is yellow colour and indus deep orange marigold .

Can you tell us about indus seeds yield .

Hello Mr. Narendra
You have selected best variety. I hope it’s ashtagandha in Indus and arrow gold of east west. Yield depends on maintenance and nutrient supply. They thrive well in drained soil. There shouldn’t be water stagnation. If all set, yield can be expected at 2kgs per plant. All the best.
I have attached photos of arrow gold 40 th day crop.
Hope it helps you.
Chetan Dabke

Hi Chetan,

Thanks for the reply . Yeah we selected yellow dollar in east west . In Indus we went for deep orange as we want to market bith same size flowers . Ashtagandha flowers are little bit smaller so we thought of going for uniform ones .

Do you have marigold farm chetan ?

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go for SPS compay hybrid you both yellow and orange,
Indus ,US agri,and East west company the performance are good with good GAP.

Hello Sir,

Thanks for the reply. I have not heard SPS anywhere in the market. I checked with one of my seed vendor of east west, he said he has no idea. Can you tell me more about SPS seeds and where can I get them.

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You can buy high quality hybrid marigold seeds from