Marigold for nematode control


I have used marigold for nematode control in a fruit orchard and have not found it effective. Perhaps I used the wrong variety.

I have read that African and French marigold (Tagetes erecta and Tagetes patula) are good varieties for nematode control.

Can anybody guide me on where I can get the seeds in Hyderabad - preferably not hybrid?

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I have heard about Marigold being used and will be using them in the next planting. So if any one has a view on this topic please do express. It would be helpful for a lot of folks.

Dear Sri Sundaresh

I was able to source African marigold and French marigold seeds from Kraft Seeds. These are the varieties that seem to be most effective for root knot nematodes. Kraft Seeds expensive, but they are prompt and they supplied me seeds for planting this season (till August). You can call 09811107503 - I think the person’s name is Gautam or something close to it.

They are non-hybrid seeds, so you can propagate them. So the cost does not matter in the long run.



Thank you Sri Raghu for the information.

Dear Sri Sundaresh,

There are two good controlling Organic methods for contrl of nematodes. One is ,In between two crops, or at the end of the existing crop, we can go for one crop of Marigold, Desi/nati/pure line variety of Marigold, preferably African varieties.

Or you can follow the method of IIHR, Hesargatta, Bengaluru, for controlling nematodes and othe soil born diseases. After the crop or in between the crop period, follow their procedure.

In a shade and airy place, In one tractor load of good FYM, add 50 kgs of neem cake and 3 kgs of old/waste jaggery. Mix with required water and the mix may be soaked for a day or two. See the inner portion of the mix , and if it is found hot, mix water again and check the inner heat.

Once the inner heat is totally comes to normal, add 2 kgs of each Trichoderma viride plus pseudomonas, plus paceilomysis, plus PSB, plus VAM , and mix well and cover it with used/old gunny bags and wet the heap in alternate days. After a period of 10 or 15 days, the mix will be ready.

This mix may be applied to the. Plant pit area, under the soil and mix with abutting soil. Above IIHR farmula is used by several farmers including me several times and is working well and controlling soil born diseases as well nematodes.

With best wishes, g.p.rao, Farmer

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You can reach out to Mr M S Rao & Team at IIHR. They are very helpful. I have also enclosed link to the document prepared by them .

Dear Sri Srinivas,
I met him 4 years back and following this system from past around 4 years. Observing very good results and feel one can depend so nice this system of farming.

Thank you for message, With best wishes, g,p.rao, farmer

THank you Rao Sir. We do not have any standing crop on the land right now but we will be digging pits for planting new saplings shortly, Would it help if we use this mix at the bottom of the pit?

THank you N S Sreenivas Sir, This document is very helpful.

Dear Sri Sundaresh,

Try to follow this IIHR system and it is giving very good results and no problems with soil born diseases, including nematodes,

With best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

African marigold is available with Namdhari seeds and BigHaat can provide you the same at your doorstep.

French marigold from INDAM is also available with BigHaat.

Call us or a give a missed call at our toll free number 1800-3000-2434.

Dear Ms Roopadevi

Thank you for your response. I have completed procurement of marigold seeds for this year.



Dear Mr.Raghu,

I understand from your post that you were using marigold fir nematode control . But it’s not clear from the post that how it was used. That’s most important.


I haven’t tried any other methods except our traditional method of using neem cake.
Been cake is the only ingredient used by farmers in my place to ward off nematodes and we never had any case of nematodes.
This iihr method seems to be more flourishing the soil microbes rather than fighting nematodes itself.