Manual rice transplanter

Hi All !

Anybody used a manual rice transplanter (two or three rows)?
Is it available in India ?


Please check the below link for

  1. Rice cum Daincha Seeder
  2. Rice Transplanter- Manual … owing.html


I already have the drum seeder which is useful in seeding paddy seeds directly on the wet field.
what I needed is about transplanting of seedlings using manual seeder.

It is available and costing Rs 5000.I have purchased one.Not working satisfactory.Pickers are useless and distance maintenance is also requires time consuming.It is better to use thread with markers at equal distance instead of this…Now I am using only regular transplanter.

May I have the pic / video ?

I thought of this one:

Not this one.I have 4 row transplanter. This one( Yours) is very old one and consume more seed (like hand transplanting). Where as mine seed preparation similar to machine transplanter and you may call it as a standby machine when you are using machine transplanter break-down. Developed and Sold by Punjab Agri university.Presently I don’t have photo.

Hi,i also searched for this one,found below website they offer two types,
yet to enquire them about price and other things,contact them and if you get more details post it here. … ansplanter

I have one 4 row not usefully.Pl go to 6 or 8 row transplanter Mustibushi make is good.May be costly