Manipulation of flowering in mango tree

Mango season commences across various parts of India

Some variety flowers early and other little latter and some other later in the season

In India Mango flowers only once in a year except few place say kanyakumari and Tirunelveli district in Tamilnadu that produce flowers in two seasons in a year. Mainly due to prevailing climate

Where as mango is manipulated to induce flowers artificially through out the year in entire phillipines archipelago

If mango does not produce flowers for some unexplained reason ,following may be attempted on the mango trees to induce flowers

Spray Urea @ 0.5% ( 5 grams urea in 1 lit water )
Or Pottasium Nitrate @ 1% ( 10 grams in 1 lit water )

To increase the fruit set and retention of fruits spray 2% Potassium nitrate ( 20 grams in 1 lit water )

Or 20 PPM NAA at flowering stage to retain fruits

2 years 3 months old mango tree induced by KNO3 foliar spray to produce more flowers and fruits

Dear Ramu,
This is Lovely,can you try Kali nitricum 6 or 6x on one tree and see the results ?this is nothing but homeopathic potassium nit.
use 5 drops in  one liter water, hit the bottom of that bottle at least 30 times on a table with and mix that solution with 20 lits of water,this is your spray you can mix the solution with lesser quantity of water as per requirement but the medicine should not be less than 4 drops.
You will say why Iam not doing it ?well thats correct ,but I dont have any farm land nor I hae any facility of gardening since I am in Bombay ,you may be knowing the congestion of Bombay.

Great Mr.Bapu …You are right of course …some mango farmers in my location have been doing homeopathic spray on mango … I too have seen the result . Thank you for recalling such a nice technical idea

brother RAMU will you please mention in which month we must spray and how many times for good results