Mango Tree saplings dying


Hi All, We have planted mango saplings a year back in 3 acres or land, we have put three varieties Maliga, Benganapalli and Ottu.

We have done drip irrigation and we have water supply for just what is sufficient…

In the recent days many plants are getting affected by insects and many are just drying .

check some picture in this link

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Can someone please guide me to save the plants…



The leaves look dry and shriveled. The stems seem to exhibit physical damage caused by some kind of a rasping/grating insect.

However this is my opinion and would suggest that you immediately contact the horticulture department at your place. Take with you a sample of the above, so that they can identify immediately.

Also please visit this site:

You may get some info here.



Hi? You have not mentioned when they planted. However, it seems saplings planted in July-2017. Reasons for drying are Shortfall of water/ Saplings have not properly planted while planting/ though leaves are falling, but, shortly new buds will come subject to providing sufficient water. Have you taken plants photos before planting? can you pls. come up with all measures taken before and after planting the saplings?.


Hi, These plants where planted exactly one year back (Jul 2016). You is not available in abundant, we are providing water through drip…sending the photos during planting a year back


Hi All, since there are close to 30 to 40 plants gone, I want to replace with new one, can you please guide me where I will get good saplings around Thiruvannamallai…