Mango Leaf Bug

We have noticed a bug that builds nest on the underside of the leaf and then hatches caterpillar like bugs which then grow big eating the leaves away. These plants are year old, we have sprayed monocrotophos but it has not been very effective.
Can you please study the pictures and advise what is the correct pesticide to tackle this problem

Looks like the nest is preventing pesticide to reach insects.  Plant is one year old, you may have 40 palnts/acre right? Assuming this,it is economical to destroy mannually(hand picking).

Hi Sri,
Thanks for your simple solution. It would have worked for small number of trees but we have over 1800 plants under UHD, not all of them are affected but it is difficult to identify each plant and pick multiple leaves out from the plant.
Need WMD :slight_smile:

UHD! great. Could you please share your experience and post some pictures?

I am a newbie, hence wondering what is  UHD

UHD= ultra high density.
Traditional mango spacing is 35x35 40 trees/acre. Big tree, 25 feet tall. difficult to operate. harvest etc. Uneven size mangoes
UHD 5x6 or even less sometimes. 675 to 900 trees/acre. small trees, 7ft tall. Easy to operate. Uniform size fruits.

Our UHD is based on 6’x12’ spacing. We opted for 12’ between rows to allow for mini tractor for spraying and probably may be good at harvest time.
The plants are nearing one year and about 40% have been pruned once.
We have a drip system for the 1800 plants.
One important factor to consider while going in for UHD is the expense. An easy way to look at it is to visualise 40-45 acres of mango trees and the amount of care, money and time it would require, about the same is needed for 1800 plants under UHD. For UHD add the additional pruning effort in 3 to 4 stages of the plants growth.
I don’t have any pics now, will post some soon, just not in the habit of taking a camera when I go to the farm