Mango farming advice

Hello everyone, I am interested in farming from my childhood. I bought a mango farm recently in AP, I am interested in organic farming techniques. My farm have mixed variety of fruit plantation. I am still learning and reading lot off stuff. Fortunately I found this website and it’s very helpful. I read about Miyazaki mango variety i want to understand the climate and soil where it grows I read a farmer in AP got 15 plants in his farm and couple of them started fruiting any insights on this will be encouraging

Dear Sri VK Surepalli sir,
welcome to our Farmnest Forum. Lot of Knowledgeable farmers, Qualified Seniors and experts are here and certainly, you will be pathed in a Right Direction.
Sincerely i advise you to give full details of your land area, weather, Water Facility available and its quality along with soil details, plant varieties, distance between, which makes them to give a correct advice.
wish you all the best.
g.p.rao, farmer