Mango Farm Water Logging

I am from Gujarat, India. We have black cotton soil farm. On one side of farm road is there and at another side water canal is there other 2 side farms are there. In monsoon when it rains a lot the canal overflows into my farm and water stays for 10-12 days. I am planning to have laser land leveling once so it will make farm surface to gentle slope in one side so whole farm does become water logged, water will be gathered on side of my farm and will go further at single side only. It will help me to not log water all over the farm.

I am planning to setup mango orchard but I have few questions.

  • Can that 10-12 days water logging affect mango plants? Any kind of rotting!
  • Which is good variety for black cotton soil?
  • Suggestion if any?

First, of all, mango orchard is not suitable in black soils. In general black cotton soils are with more clay and have heavy water-holding capacity. You may have good vegetative growth but not good yield.
The second risk point to be considered in your case is waterlogging. Mango cant tolerate water logging even for 3-4 days. There will be heavy mortality.


Raghu Ram
Managing Consultant
Sampada Farms & Consultatns

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Agree 100%. Several days of water logging can be devastating.

Hello Dear,

I think the one side where you have the canal makes a channel that can lead the excess water out of the field. Water logging will surely be an issue when the plants are in the early stage of its growth. But if you could make it to dry the water logged area to be free, let’s say in 5-6 days that should be ok.

The varieties you can go for - Kaser - High yielding, good demand and regular bearing.
Rajapuri / langara - Need to check for the market demand.
Alphanso - but will not yield much in Gujarat also the Taste

It would be good if you could let me know in which part of Gujarat you are, I will suggest something better.

Please feel free to call for further details.

Thanks and Regards,
Ganesh Bedare

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Please send pictures on your farm side
So that we can suggest you

Didn’t Affects to mango :seedling: don’t fear

Kesar mango is highly cultivated in Gujarat region and it is rich in demand the best of all mango varieties it is suitable in this region. If you wish to switch you can go with coconut farming also it’s also one the of most favourable growing thing in Gujarat.

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then which fruit crop is good for black cotton soil? which last long like mango.

I am from Bharuch, Gujarat.

When it rains a lot and canal have overcapacity water, some water flows into farm on the canal curve.
I am thinking to have minimal slope on canal side so water will flows to south side farm parallel to canal wall.

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Can coconut tolerate water? Is black cotton soil suitable for coconut?

citrus fruits crop plantation would be successful in place of Mangoes tree plantation
Ratilal Sudani,
Bhoojalshree Geotech Consultant,
Groundwater Exploration, Development and Management.
Anand, Gujarat

Citrus fruits means Lemon/Sweet Lemon(Mosambi)/Orange/Kino ?
Will water logging affect the yield?

Good Morning,

In Bharuch district many places are affected by saline soil. Please do soil analysis and if the pH is below 7 need not tobe worry about.

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great idea, let me do some soil analysis and based on that can proceed.
Is there any other crop you suggest?

According to me you should not do any orchard crop. Black cotton soil has tendency to retain Water sub surface. Go for short term crop which starts after monsoon and gets over before monsoon

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Agree on that but I do not wish to to regular cropping. I want it to be for some longer time crop. Atleast 5-10 years. Is moringa or custard apple good choice ?