Mango Blooms

Are we looking at a good Mango season this summer? My Mango plant seems to say so… I have one potted Alphonso on my terrace that’s in full bloom this year. The plant is 3 years old.


Hi AK,
would be advisable to clip off the flowers blooms.
Allowing fruiting at 3yr stage will strain the plants reproductive system.
A very young plant allowed/forced to fruit is like forcing a tender age girl to bear a child.
Not good for both.
You will get a very a very strong sturdy plant and good fruits if wait for anthr 2yrs.

Lastly, at 3yrs, Its time to transfer plant to the field, keeping it any longer in the small container will result in root coiling and stunting of growth, or atleast shift to a larger container.


Thanks for writing. The plant is in a pot that’s more than 18 inch dia and 24 inch height, probably the biggest plastic pot I could find in the market. It was meant to be a terrace plant, so there are no plans to shift it to the field. I am just letting nature take it’s course. I didn’t force the flowering in anyway and if I am right, the flowers will wither away on their own. I am not expecting it to bear fruits. Let’s see what happens. Right now, it’s feeding a lot of honey bees and other fruit flies and I am letting it be. The poor bees have enough toruble finding food in this concrete jungle anyway. :slight_smile:


Firstly, is this a grafted plant?
By the book,Mango plants dont need any pollinating agent, they are mostly wind pollinated, bees and fruit flies will help pollination further.
Mango was was/will/never be a pot plant.Keeping it petted will stunt growth. Will help if a bigger pot/container can be provided.
The flowers wont wither away but will get pollinated to bear fruit which will be an unnecesary strain on the plant.
Bees are naturally programmed to search for food miles away from their hives, but a nice thought.


I bought the plant from Lalbagh. It is a grafted plant. Although I had bought it initially for my farm, I thought I’ll put it in a pot and see what happens. For almost 2 years, nothing happened. Neither did the plant die nor did it grow - not a single leaf extra.

This spring, it started growing all of a sudden, I could see 3-4 new branches and now these blooms. Unfortunately, I don’t think the teracce can withstand the bigger concrete pots (my house is almost 30 years old). I just have to be happy with whatever size can be achieved within this pot. Let’s see.

About bees, yes, I do have a soft corner for these amazing creatures. They are the creatures that sustain life though pollination and we don’t thank them enough!


Terrace Farming is Only for the seasonal Crops like Vegetable and Leafy Vegetable and not for Perennial Plantation like Mango Guva,Chikku etc. You  can Develop it as Bonsai and for getting Crop of Mango.OK it is for a Exibition of the Small Grafted plt and not for getting Crop .

Terrace Farming is Only for the seasonal Crops like Vegetable and Leafy Vegetable and not for Perennial Plantation like Mango Guva,Chikku etc. You  can Develop it as Bonsai and for getting Crop of Mango.OK it is for a Exibition of the Small Grafted plt and not for getting Crop. [/quote]


I obviously don’t intend to set up a mango orchard on my terrace. It is just an experiment.


mango isnt a terrace plant  :slight_smile:, thats the only concern
by the way whic mango is it?

It’s alphonso (supposedly). I will not know until I see a fruit.

BTW I also have a lemon plant, guava plant and ‘sampige’ (champak) plant on my terrace. The Guava plant yielded half a dozen fruits last year. The other two haven’t yielded so far. They are all 3 years old.  ;D

If its alfonso, you will be a more happier person if you transfer it to field.
Lemon and guava are shrub category plants wheras mango is a proper tree going to more than 75-80ft in ht and30-40ft in width when fully grown.
Just a matter of time it starts getting suffocated in the pot, due to root coiling.

Dear All,

What Vasudhafarms has written is absolutely correct.Mango should not be in terraces at all.

Best advise is to have high insurance for the house as slowly the entire terrace will give way and house will collapse.So better shift it to ground level and allow free growth .



Hi All,

I support AK to grow his mango on his terrace atleast for the time being and may be he can decide to move it to a garden after the season.

Hi AK,

But make sure you observe any damage to the pot like the roots coming out which means that the pot is no more in a position to hold the plant and immediately take steps else you can kill the plant also.



If you have no ideas of transferring it to the field this season/year, u may have to perform fruit thinning(remove few fruits after fruit set). I would suggest this because your tree branches are already low-lying and and bears larger number of flowers in an inflorescence , hence bearing many number of fruits could damage the tree(can even break-off branches because of overweight)…Generally,the fruit set is very low in case of mango,only 2-3/infloresence… Try to retain only the fruits the tree can hold, remove the others few weeks after fruit set…

Good luck!!!

Don’t Mislead our Forum Members.It is not Practicable to Grow Trees on the Terrace.The Flowers May Bloom and little Fruits May Come But  it is neither Practicable nor Economical.

You do not argue for which you don’t know.
Take count of the mangos in11 year mango tree grown in pot kept in front of the home.
You know the same can be kept on terrace too?
If urban people may try to grow their own fruits and vegetable on their terrace and other places at house, they can really taste their own grown fruits and vegtables.

Hope AK’s Mangos also good shape and taste.
AK can you come up with your mangos photos?


3 yrs since the last post, but i am really interested in knowing what happened to AK’s tree? Did the pot brake open or are you enjoying the Alphonso.

Personally whatever I have learnt so far from all my gurus professional and local is that there are no rules for life sciences. life just finds a way if it has to. and if nature does not like it will not survive no matter what you do. 

Looking forward to an update on AK’s mango plant very eagerly.

Thank you Sir,

Thank you Very Much for your Efforts. What I mean to say is it is for Hobby and Not Economical. Any way I am appreciating your Efforts.
Kindly let us know whether is it practicable to Grow under Hydroponic with Co-co peat Media.I want to visit your Place kindly Mail your Full Address Sir.
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