Managing poor drainage and water logging

How about 5 layer model in poorly drained soils?


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You can have raised beds for shallow root zone plants(pineapple). Poorly drained soil is not at all advisable to any plants.

You can also dig 3ft deep trenches to drain away water content.

See attachement how you can design 5 layer method. It is with Coconut as main crop. But you will get fair idea to study canopy and root zones.

Post some pictures of the land what you are talking.
18 A guide to intercropping coconuts.pdf (382 KB)

Thanks Sri

Will definitely get some pics and post


Posting pics of the land which is not draining


HI Swamy

We have tried different crops like chillies, papaya, mango, but nothing has come up in this land. The reason I am told is that it becomes marshy during rainy seasons and does not drain water. The neighbors are growing rice and that sends water here due to stagnation.

We have the entire area covered by drip and are not dependent on rainfall for growing. The closest town/market is hyderabad at a distance of 70km.


Hi Shiv.
Which is the main crop you wanted to have in this land?
Recollect entire one years your efforts to grow all crops and problems you faced and come up with elaborated information.

Hi Swamy

I would like to grow vegetables or jasmine as the main crop here. Hope that helps.


Here is a solution. I dont say it is economical but still works.

  1. Trenching on peripheri of your farm with 3x3ft and 15 long. See slide two of attachement.
  2. Elevating your farm height with red soil by 4 to 5 ft. in Red soil water percolates easily.
  3. the excess water during rain will be collected in trench. If there is a soak pit with gravels water recedes easily. See slide 1 of attachment.
  4. This works dual prupose. it enriches your ground water and removes excess water in rainy season.

If the land is marshy the nutrients will diminish. since your land was marshy for long time the land also may be low in nutrients. So unless you top up with external soil your effort goes waste.

A mixture is sand, red soil and black soil is also good. how ever red soil is very good for vegetables.
First two three years you cannot go for long time crops, because soil will take time to get settled.
draining-soil.pptx (933 KB)

Thanks Sri

Would the addition of mulch and trench serve the purpose or would topsoil be definitely required?


Adding top soil is definitly needed. otherwise draining cannot happen.  If dont top up soil you need to dig deeper trench. Neigboring paddy feilds will also affect because the water from them also will be sucked by these trenches.

Dont waste space of trnches you can grow napier or any other grass. You can generate biomass for mulching from these areas.

The soil is marshy for a long time, it would have lost the fertility.
I suggested red soil because it has high degree of water percolation and good for vegetables.


Excess water in dry area may be for some negligible time if heavy rains may come and this is part and parcel of all soils/lands in upper areas too.

Still you need to provide complete profile of your land as you alone know more about it, for forum members to post more appropriate views.

Growing vegetables is like playing 20-20 cricket and any one cannot play such game for ever without rest [color=blue][Mod edit: so you may have the leeway to not use the soil during the water logged season][/color]. Adapting to the field situation would be a good option, instead of making costly modifications like filling soil or digging trenchers.

Have any other crops which can sustain with present conditions & need initial care for them and let them take care of you in the future.

Wishing you all the best.

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Dear shiv sir,ANUSHA FARMS, kindly arrange for 25 tractor loads of fertile soil prefarably red soil if available nearby if not get fertile black soil only from a nearby tank , arrange 3.5 ft x 3.5 ft beds of height 2 ft ( The above 25 tractors soil is sufficient for 1 acre beds of size 3.5 ft x 3.5 ft gap acts as a drain x 2 ft height beds) and plant areka nut at a distance of 8 ft on the bed length and in between the areka plants on bed, plant one banana plant. Totally they can be 780 areka plants and 780 banana plants. since the banana and areka loves water much they grow nicely and excess water  will be drained through the gap drain between beds. Total 25/ 26 beds of length 240 ft will be in one acre. Both areka and banana active root system  will be below 2 ft depth only and they grow well.Grow both the areka and banana organically.After few years you can go for pepper cultivation also on the beds.                                                                                                                                                          Respected Renuka madam, soils with stones do very well for plant growth due to good aeration to root system and respond well for organic fertilisers.Only bad with stone soil is you have to provide little more water.

Thanks Renuka/GPRao

It is wonderful forum to get some interesting thoughts/possibilities flowing