Malabar Neem Latest Project details required

Hi Team,

Please advice me in Malabar Neem plantation in 4 acre farm. Wats the present rate for the yeild? N also maintainance cost of the project.


price depends on the quality of the tree grown. if the trees have grown haphazardly with lot of branching & knots in place of cut branches then its usable for firewood or low grade furniture purpose only.

present rate in bangalore market is 3000 rs/ ton for firewood purpose.

for furniture purpose rate is 400 rs/cft ex timber yard. farmer might get 250-300 rs/cft

for plywood face & core veneer you can expect upto 650 rs/cft but the quality of tree trunk should be outstanding. they should be perfectly straight in growth with no branching or knots for upto 30 feet height.

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