Malabar Neem Cultivation in Konkan

I am planning for Malabar Neem Cultivation in Konkan region. The land I have is Red Soil and is on the slop. Usually we see heavy rain for 4 months in Konkan.
Is it a good option provided weather in Konkan region?

Dear Forum Member Brothers and Sisters,

We are  advising all our Forum Members to  go for Melia Dubai Plantation in Barren Lands, even without water also i.e without Bore-well. In our Farm we have succeeded  in Growing these Trees on Rainfed too. Though Growth is little Bit less can Grow without any hesitation, because those Trees Grown well even on severe Drought Conditions since last TWO years. On plantation of Melia Dubai can go for any Rainfed Inter-crops like Cotton / Maize / Jo-war / Red-gram /Green Gram /Black-gram  etc. while getting the Fruits of Malabar Neem Plantation we can have GOOD Quality Inter Crop because this Melia Dubai is Neem based. Kindly go through the GOOD QUALITY inter-cropping of  Plantain Banana in regard to colour, without Spots on Fruit etc. in the attached IMAGES.                                  (on Irrigation Condition).

for Vasudha Green Farms,,