Making a Medicinal plant production Farm/Business

Dear ALL,

          My name is Nahush Gaikwad ,i am from Pune ,Maharashtra. i wish to make an farm which will produce the medicinal plants and i want to sell it as well.I am New to this Idea,i wanted you to request about giving me the complete information on it.

  1. Which Documents are required to get the loan?
  2. Which Plant can  give me nice profits.
    3.Which are the companies who are procuring the plants from farmers.
    4.What kind of knowlwdge,information,technology,machinery Etc. are required

  As this is the only site that gives the good infromation about this kind of things.


Dear Nahush
We train medicinal plants cultivation in our MEDICINAL PLANTS RESEARCH & PROPAGATION SOCIETY’s herbal garden.Our next course will run in October 2012.You may send your request to us by mail.If our management feels it appropriate only you may be given training on site.Fees 5000/-for 3 days course.It may be organised exclusively for you keeping in view our management’s decision.Contact us on e mail

Hi Nahush,

If you are new to farming, my advise is keep away from medicinal plants as your first step. More so keep away from many many consultants who will promise you moon… and in the process rob you off… …

I had attended a course from Horticultural dept on this. Many field experts have burnt their fingers in this medicinal plants. Even the horticultural dept of Karnataka advice you to go in for medicinal plant if and only if you have an unconditional buy back arrangements. Reason being, in any medicinal plant, what is required for medicine is an extract out of this plant which is very very minuscule per plant.



Dear Murali
You are correct.We assess the depth of candidate for trg.That’s precise reason our management carries out thorough check of prospective candidates before calling them.Once our management is satisfied with candidate’s experience,aptitude and marketing skills, the trg is imparted.we do not train novices or those who know nothing about agriculture.Medicinal plants field is very difficult and one should never venture till he/she is thoroughly trained by genuine persons.You deserve good observation for correct advise.

Hi Nahish,
  please let us know if you are able to make any progress with medicinal plant.
I am also planning a medicinal plant(Ashwagandha) in Jalgaon district of maharashtra.
Main motive, no threat from wildlife and less need of water.

I am attaching a pdf file from one of the compannies in nagpur which gives some info in this plantation.

Dislaimar : I am NOT recomonding anyone, neither advertising anyone. Please do your own reasearch and share your findings with us. My brotehr visited these peoples and they seems genuine.

medicinal plant.pdf (1.06 MB)

Dear all
I had gone through the thread and felt dismayed at the ignorance. I could have overlooked the thread as none of my concern as people are intelligent enough to decide the course of their actions.However think it over whether Ashwagandha can be grown in this season?Precise reply is: it can not be grown now.Pl be cautious.Look before you leap.As per Murali too pl do not burn your fingers in this field but still if you want to go, pl go ahead.I wish you all the success.
Medicinal plants Research & propagation society

Dear rcdixit,
    I am not ignoring any advice at all, because I know there are many experienced,intelligent  and genuine peoples are there in this forum.
These peoples I am referring have their own farm in nagpur and they are growing these plants.
What I am trying to do is to check actual ground realities by forthcoming visits, some sort of assurance or atlrast try to ensure some investment from other party that too only after I am fully convinced .

I am at very initial stage and unless I do complete research will not go ahead. I appreciate and value advice from all the boarders .
Usually whatever we do I always inform board in advance to get opinion, and thats what I did in this thread.

Please keep helping peoples and share your knowledge.

Thanks & regards,

Dear sir
We have always helped people…We are truly and sincerely in the services of humanity and shall always extend our help to every one who seeks help.In my long experience I have seen people as very innocent who keep on wasting time in trial and hit methods which is wasteful.
with regards

Dear Sir,

          I’m Ramesh Negi from Chamoli, Uttarakhand. From past five years I’m doing cultivation of (Picrorhiza Kurrooa) Kutki and (Saussuria Lapa) Kuth and currently I start cultivation of Lavender.

          Sir, for these I did not take any support from any agencies or government organization. But now I need finance for cultivation, it be fund or loan no matters. I have buyers who are ready to do buyback aggrement with me for Lavender, Kutki, Stivea, Milk thistle etc.

Sir, give me the direction for this, and I have around 40 to 50 farmers who are ready to do medicinal and arometic farming with me.

Ramesh Negi
Cultivator and Trader
Medicinal and arometic plants
Chamoli, Uttarakhand

Dear Negi
Please approach your nearest bank and ask them loan based on your medicinal crops.There exists a provision for granting loan to farmers from NABARD who are cultivating medicinal plants.You may like to give me rates for your products.Possibilities are that I may purchase them from you at remunerative rates.At what height you are cultivating your products.I want to know for my client in Nagaland who is a big landlord there.In case need be I may like to purchase some planting material from you for that client.Do you have some of that?My e
with regards