Maize- sweet corn and baby corn – lucrative crop in shortest time

Sweet corn is grown in large scale in countries like canada , USA as an important vegetable. Now this sweet corn is being increasingly cultivated in India and other asian countries
Sweet corn is planted at a spacing of 0.75 M- 1.0 M row to row distance and 0.15 M -0.30 M plant to plant distance . This gives about 13,333 plants per acre and each plant bears 2 cops producing total of 26,666 cops per acre
At the selling price of Rs.5.0 per corn an acre of sweet corn fetches Rs.1,33,330 in about 75-80 days .
Besides an acre of sweet corn produce 1000 to 1600 kgs of green fodder for milch animal
This sweet corn can be grown through out the year leaving winter months of December and January
The sugar percentage is 5-11 % in sweet corn and 22-40 % in super sweet corn
Varieties name – Madhuri, Almora sweet corn etc
Seed rate – 4.0 to 4.5 kg per acre for sweet corn and 2.0- 2.4 kg for super sweet corn
Should not be planted close to ordinary maize since cross pollination between sweet corn and ordinary corn will render the cops of sweet corn sweetless
Harvest – 18-22 days after pollination the corn is ready for harvest .
Harvest time – Morning or evening when sun is low
Maturity – Cops outer coat is felt tight and compact , tassle are dry and corn seeds when pressed oozes out milky juice
Corn appears to be of the size 6-11 cms and 1.0-1.5 cm circumfrence .Single plant produce 3-4 cobs . It is rich in protein , fibre, calcium , potassium
This is used in various delicious dishes like chutney, laddu, keer, Pickles, soup, pakoda, or served as green in vinegar in star hotels
Varities- Co( PC)-1, HM4, Baby corn prakash,
Spacing – 60 cms * 15-20 cms row to row and plant to plant spacing
Seed rate – 10 kgs per acre
Yield – 1000 kgs
Harvest – In kharif season daily harvest is made and rabi season harvest is done on every other day during morning or evening hours
Crop duration – 45-55 days
Overseas market – US, Japan, Hongkong, singapore, Australia, malaysia, canada, UAE, New Zealand etc

Soil type- Range of soil from clay loam to sandy loam and black cotton soil with PH range 6.5- 7.0 with adequate drainage and more organic matter
Micronutrient like Zinc and boron is important for proper grain filling

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Hi Ramu,

Last time (1yr back) when I cultivated sweet corn had difficulty to find a buyer and finally sold at the price of Rs8/KG (farm gate price)which is around 2.5 to 3 piece. My farm is near gauribidanur, Karnataka. Nearest market is Chikkaballapur/Doddaballapur/Bangalore.

In this which you sold it for Rs5/Cob or you know a buyer who is willing to buy at Rs5/cob at farm gate?

Thanks in advance

great friend …Your question is reasonable …Based on the market demand and affordability of consumers the selling price vary from location to location …

Here we encouraged our farmers to grow sweet corn on trial basis . They sold all the corn to the retailers like Reliance and MORE and some of my farmers supplied this sweet corn to local city super market . They buy @ Rs.5 per cob and sometime even more than this price say Rs.6 or 7.0 …but they buy limited quantity on regular basis .Definitely there may be volatility in prices between seasons and locations …Tamilnadu govt Agriculture department wing called Agribusiness marketing and management is helping the farmers in marketing their produce . It provide information on domestic as well as export market . Since i am with govt agriculture department , I know all this things… If there is any problem in production as well as marketing the produce , it is mainly due to lack of production as well as marketing intelligence


Dear Ramu Sir,

I guess you have missed the fertigation required for the sweet corn.

Please let us know the fertigation requirement in basal dose and in the later stage.

Please also suggest if its a good thing to go as inter crop in moringa plantation (2.5m X 1.8m) in June

Thank you

Dear Sir,

Please share the information on these points on sweet corn crops.

Water Management
Nutrient Management
Weed Management
Pests Management
Diseases Management

Please share anyone post processing technique. I saw in the hyber mall, they come packed .
how could we go for it. I will appreciate you for these information.

Vipin Kumar

Dear All

Sweet corn & bhutta

they are same thing or . we can use the sweet corn as the bhutta( In mansoon season, fry & add the lemon & salt).
can we use sweet corn in this form bhutta. or bhutta is the differeent varity of maize

Please clear my doubt. I will be thankful of you

Vipin Kumar

Can it be grown in a netfarm ? Any advantages / disadvantages ?