Maize seeds for natural farming

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I have 6 acres of agricultre land, this piece of land was not cultivated since 10 years. It was only used for grazing animals, so I am planning to use this land for cutlivation now without using any fertilizers (neither organic nor chemical), it is ploughed to get ready for sowing.

I am planning to go for Maize (with Red gram as intercrop) this season, so I am wondering if I can use the normal hybrid seeds or desi variety of Maize. I am ok with Red gram as I got the sufficient amount of desi variety.

Please suggest.


Have your soil tested for NPK and organic carbon. If the organic carbon is more than 3% you dont need any fertiliser(NPK level also will be high).
If it is less you must try to increase organic carbon. Intercropping red gram may help partially for this crop. This will help in fixing nitogen. You will need perfect Carbon, Nitrogen ratio(C:N).

This will develop only after cultivation of alternative dicot and monocot. You must leave the grass on the feild.

After this you will get best results. This may take about a  year or more depending upon the soil.

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I appreciate your technical knowledge in organic farming, but please read the question of my posts. I have the answer elsewhere, and I have the desi variety of Maize to take it further.

Moderator can also facilitate answers rather than cross-questioning :wink:. Hope you understand aspirations for a newbie like me.
I know you need not be 100% right in your answer but answers to specific questions like mine would take away some confusion .


Where did you get the desi variety of Maize? I could use that info as we too are just starting the process of conversion.


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Though you are making Natural Farming you go far Improved  Hybride Verieties of Seeds. Local seed you will get a Very Low Productivity

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Hello Madhu,

Could not get desi variety, so just gone ahead with hybrid variety. could not get any leads.

@Vasudafarms - thanks, looks like I am following your advise.


Though you are in Organic Farming, there is no harm in using Highyielding/Hybride Verities.
Now you can use KARGIL Variety of Maize which is having Proven performance so far.
Now it is coming on some other name.You can ask Kargil Veriety. It was Developed by Monsanto.

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Seriously buy seeds developed by Monsanto!

I rather stop farming.