Maize Milling Plant Processing Technology Overview

MAIZE MILLING PLANT during use due to the external force or technological advances make it gradually lost the use of value or depreciation of these factors will lead to losses generated corn processing machinery, processing equipment, corn losses embodied in what areas? Today Henan Academy of small grain compiled specifically to introduce the next.

1, the physical wear and tear of Maize milling plant, mainly in corn processing machinery wear and tear during use for corn equipment decreased its value, and the degree of physical wear and tear of Maize milling plant mainly depends on the course of its work load on strength.

2, Maize milling plant, intangible loss is mainly due to the depreciation of the grain milling machine of social productivity caused, or is because corn equipment appeared better performance and higher efficiency of the new Maize milling plant, continued use can lead to economic efficiency of enterprises decline. Maize milling plant replacement cycle is shorter, the greater the intangible loss.

Small maize milling plant is characterized by small size, small footprint, simple operation, and high efficiency by our consumers alike, the former corn processing machinery and power need to pay attention to what matters.
1, tighten the crushing chamber. Check the small Maize milling plant grinding chamber if foreign matter (must be empty before the start), the power is turned on.
2. Rotate the starter motor, empty machine for 1-2 minutes, then gradually from the feed tray into the game material, the material should not be too much too fast. Open the hood is strictly prohibited hand extends into the crushing chamber, Maize milling plant in the course of a small mill.
3, small Maize milling plant Overheat protection device, such as a motor load is too large, the machine will automatically stop, if they continue to operate, please re-press protection.