Mahyco Warad MGH4 F1 Bottlegourd Review

Mahyco Warad MGH4 F1 Bottlegourd Review
yield 4.0 1 tolerance 4.0 1 price 4.0 1 overall 4.0 1

Seller Description:
Mahyco Warad MGH4 Bottlegourd Hybrid
* Best suited for exports.
* High yielding variety crop with long shelf life.
* Has attractive green colour fruit, appropriate for long distance transportation

Crop Experience at Our Farms:

  • Sowing time: 12 April 2022
  • Farm location: Medak, Telangana
  • Cultivation type: Organic

Germination and crop growth was good. No serious pest or disease infestation was noticed.
Crop produced fruit of good shape, light green colour, long, smooth surface, cylindrical shape.
Convenient to peel, good keeping quality.
Good yield and marketability.




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