Looking to invest in free range poultry or Nati hens rearing

I’m a farm enthusiast. For some reason I love rearing hens/chicks. Used to do even in my flat.

Looking to make this hobby a regular one, by investing in small scale Nati Hen farming. If you or any aquaintances are interested, please let me know. Can work it out

While I am into Farming, I do have a Natty Kozhi farm which can hold around 500 Of them but have only 130 or so–I set it up for one of the guys who helps me as he was keen–He is not able to Grow it–While I cannot differentiate genuine from a Cross Between Natty and Fighter Ones --He does but he also finds it difficult if he buys 10 Day Chicks

I am into Natural/Organic Farming and hence wanted to get into Natty Kozhi

Where are you based ?

I’m based out of Bangalore. Where is your farm located.? So the birds are still on farm?

Can I have your number to discuss. My number is 9311973119