Looking invester for micro green farming and marketing

Hello everyone , I am from Pune, Maharashtra, and I want to start a microgreen business. I am looking for investors who want to invest in this project, and I have previous experience in this field.If there is any interested person who is seeking new business idea, this is the perfect idea to make big money even though I do not currently have the funds to start a business.

sir ,don’t you have Trade Licence , GST, MSME registration , and C/A Bank Account ?
Without these credentials very hard to raise funds from individuals or Banks for business purpose . Without these even selling online market place or physical stores , sponsored advertisement , shipping all are impossible .
So get these done first, rest will follow accordingly .
IT / Corporate staff canteen, could be your target consumers .
Instead hydroponic system coco peat is cheaper growing media .
We could supply you wide range of micro green seeds .

send me more details to kilarisandeep1990@gmail.com

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