Hi All,

I am a farmer from Mandya, I had planted 2 variety of bananas in 5 acre land. Finally after 9months of continuous hard work our farm banana is ready for harvesting(cutting) in next 20days, banana quality is very good. Middle men’s started approaching me for lesser price, price offered is very less compared to the selling price in Bangalore.
My village is less than 100km from Bangalore, I am posting this ad via my son who stays in Bangalore. I request you to provide contact details of Banana whole sale dealers in bangalore/mysore so that i can avoid middle mens and get the right price for my hard work.

Writing on behalf of my father,

Please contact us on - 9986192313

Typically ads should be posted in the ads section, but we will retain this here as a general discussion.

Situation any farmer faces actually. You need to have contacts with dealers directly in bangalore. For which you will have to scour around in KR market and make contacts. Better even would be make contacts with TN, Maharastra dealers since prices offered is better. Always never give the fruits with taking a little token advance. What happens usually with ‘trusted’ dealers is:They will cut the best bunches and never turn up after 50% of the bunches are done. I have gone through this experience so please beware.

An article in TOI today states that, likely due to Chennai floods, double than usual loads are hitting Bangalore market.  Prices have dropped to Rs.25/kg.  It is definitely a good idea to have contacts in multiple cities.