Looking for solution to catch a thief (red handed)

What are our options to record either video or audio at a corner of the farm during night.  This is to address theft issues.

400m away from single phase power
400m away from line of sight from rooms

  1. Something that works out of battery and works atleast 12 hrs
  2. Something that is tiny
  3. Something that does not blink

reviewed few spy cameras but their battery life is not so great.

Appreciate your insight on the same

Thank you Sir,

If we apply the Power with Solar  Distance doesn’t matter , because the Battery is embedded in the Solar Street Light Lap itself. On installing these Cameras naturally it will be a threat to the thieves, any it will known to inhabitents. Further thefts will not happen daily.It will be an alert to us as well as the thieves as well as to the watch and ward also.

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Please see following link on converting your old android or iphone into a security camera which you can remotely monitor:-

cnet.com/how-to/turn-your-ol … ty-camera/

Hope it helps.


T Shanmughan

May be you can try this as it works in night and dark.

amazon.com/gp/product/B00KV … PDKIKX0DER

Dear Sri Vimalan,

good equipment. Though costly, around rs 10,000/- above,  can be installed at required important places and useful for security of our farms.

with best wishes      g.p.rao,      farmer.

The vuezone range of surveillance cameras from Netgear are battery operated and comes with reasonable features like on-demand monitoring, motion based alerts etc.

I use couple of them which i bought recently @ Rs.7000 apiece.

Not sure if it will suit your needs, but its worth having a look. Its just palm sized.


Saravana Kumar

Thank you Sir,
Shall we have the Images and Videos in our Android Phone instantly. What is the site from which You have purchased ,
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See one more DIY project in the following link:-

instructables.com/id/Android … /?ALLSTEPS