Looking for pruning persons in Chityal , Nalgonda area

Looking for contacts to prune 1200 mango trees in my farm house near chityal ,Nalgonda

Dear Sri Jcher17,

pruning work of Mango trees is not much in use. hence, specialised labour groups were not developped. More over it is not a much skilled job, like grapes pruning, pomegranate plant pruining etc, for which huge groups are available in maharashtra, ap and karnataka, as work will be more.

i, advise you to meet professors, of horticulture research station, sangareddy, near Hyderabad,through your horticulture dept officers,along with your reliable/regular worker, and request them for demonstration of mango pruning. Hope they will definately help you. it can be adopted easily.

hope all the best to you.    g.p.rao,    farmer