Looking for plants


I am planning to plant the following plants in my farm. Please revert back to me with more details about these plants availability, age and cost.

  1. Melia Dubia  - 500 nos ( min.)
  2. Nelli plant ( Big ) - 100 nos ( Min. )
  3. Lemon  -  100 ( Min.)

Need to be supply to the farm near Theertham ( Vepanapalli - Near Krishnagiri - TN )



Dear Sri C.S.Reddy,

Lemon plants… One of the best variety, very much suitable to our arid area is Balaji, a variety released by Central Acid Lime Research Station, a govt of India research organisation, stationed in Tirupathi. It is canker less and Thorn less, and a high yielding variety.

If you want small , 3 months old plants, they are available ,at times with the said organisation, of course they can give your small quantity.

If you want 2 years old or 3 years old plants, they are available in Devanahalli town, Teja Nursery.

Up to my knowledge , both won’t give door delivery.

As regards to Nelli plants, there is a govt unit on bengaluru-Mysore high way, (unfortunately, i dont have contact details.If you go personally, they will guide you with good information on high yielding, market accepted varieties in Nelli ( hope it is Goosberry, if i am not wrong ). Of course, they may sell you the plants on request, but will not give door delivery.

Melia Dubia… there are so many suppliers, in and around Bengaluru- Mysore.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

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