Looking for people to join me for joint purchase of big land

Hi Members,

I am currently working in a MNC in Mumbai , enthusiastic about farming and horticulture because I am able to see huge returns in this.

I have seen many ads offering 50-500 acres of land at a cheaper price but I dont have individual investment capacity that much.

I am looking for similar thinking people who are facing the same problem to join me and we can negotiate for a bulk deal, and get the land at cheaper price.We can get the bulk deal at cheaper rate and than divide land in investment ratio

I am looking to buy land either in Maharastra or MP for organic farming.


Dear Devesh
I am also on the similar look out in mumbai region.I intend to introduce herbal cultivation in Maharashtra through medicinal plants research & propagation society currently working in lucknow.I have thorough knowledge of good or poor soil,so once you have selected a land,you can call me.That way you will go for fertile land,which will be a winning solution.Preferably road side land will give free publicity to us.Not only that herbs are in great demand and public wants to learn about them at site.Your intentions are constructive but please ensure honest persons are contacted or else cheating is not uncommon in land deals.

Dear Devesh
Ref previous mail dt 19 feb 2014.You have not responded yet.My e mail is rcdixit@hotmail.com for any future interactions.


Dear Haresh
More the merrier.We all can join and purchase land in bulk to get advantage of cheaper land.In case you have seen some land pl interact.Many more may join the group.

Hello everyone
Deveshmudgal I would be interested if the project is attractive.

Dixit Sir, we are in touch via emails. U never said u were looking ahead to buy a land around Mumbai. Lets see how things can go ahead for us. Waiting for your reply.

Dear Prash
I am planning to shift over to more civilised area where people are responsive,willing to learn and hard working type.U.P has been made backwards by politicians(maya & mulayam combo) and further damaged by criminal elements who have formed up due to poor working habits(gutkha,tobacco,opium,bidi smokers, smack,alcohol addicts etc) & no opportunity available here/free money available due to MNREGA like schemes with no work but full pay.Though farmers are willing to go ahead here but there are wicked businessmen who want to purchase their products at throw away prices.Keeping that factor in view Maharashtra has been found as a better venue.Gujrat is another good location for business.Rest there are parochial states who do not want outsiders to enter there domain e.g. Himachal Pradesh,Haryana which is a state where no outsider can purchase land.This way growth is blocked due to foolhardy politicians.Thus overall Maharashtra takes the leading status for growth.You can go ahead with your search mission for suitable land.I have also given you a hint to that effect if you look at your mails.

Sir u are most welcome in Mumbai. Not just business/farming but even anything else u want please be open and I will be happy to support u. If u have any plans to buy land in Maharashtra please retain any agriculture land that u have in UP (or anywhere in India). U wont be able to buy land in Maharashtra if u dont have the farmer status.

Dear Prash
Continue with the above mission.I am a farmer by all records in U.P.& so nothing to worry in Maharashtra either.
All the very best.

Dear All,
I am from Mumbai working in MNC and am interested in buying the agriculture land . I am looking for 20-25 acres of land in Konkan/Sindudurga district which is suitable for horticulture with mixed plantation portfolio. Small sizes are costing high, but bigger sizes of the lands are till in the affordable range. So If we are comming together with the common objectives then we can get the land in affordable rates.
If anybody interested then we can form a group. we can save substantially in deal. Since I am serching from two years I have collected lot of information and price trends in this area.
Kindly call me on 09923337003

With best regards,

J N Dixit

Dear Mr Jay
I know for sure that if a group is honest in its approach and dealings,success is assured & I hope no one will try to resort to cheating/dishonesty in the group(with inflated rates or get undue advantage some how by deceiving others),contrary to its noble mission.You may please go ahead,I feel the group forming up is serious towards its mission.Please send your e mail so that we can interact on the net and cooperate as a cohesive group towards land purchase.Do you feel Sindhudurg is suitable land.I have been told by some one that either sindhudurg gets excessive rains or goes dry for 7-8 months.Personally I have not seen the area so please be cautious before finalising any deal etc.Mr Prashant who is an active member of the team is also residing in Mumbai and I believe he will be extremely helpful in your mission if you contact him.I assure you all that I will leave no stone unturned to create heaven on our collectively purchased lands.On my part I am sending my mobile No 09956201856 & e mail for any coordination if needed.My email:rcdixit@hotmail.com.

hi devesh,

Its true, now with rising price, its become difficult for individual to get land on their own. The proposal made by you is interesting. Which location exactly you have in mind near mumbai. Also are you looking for agriculture land. In that case, its can be available at cheaper over NA plots, but the buyer need to be a farmer and have kisan card or have a 7/12 of any land in his name.

Will be interested in joining you, on hearing from you.


I am from Pune and would be happy to be part of your group. My contact is 9822394170 and e mail abhirutu@gmail.com.
In fact I had done a project for horticulture plantation on a large scale with inter crops but for funding, it remained on papers. Please let me know how I can be of any help.

I am happy to see that so many people are interested in purchasing big land. The proposal also sounds good. I already have access to 135 Acres of joint family holding of 11 family members/relatives at village Ghui, Taluka Ner, District Yavatmal in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra State. I am interested in developing the land further but do not want to take loan.I have 2 options open first is to sell half portion and use the funds for developing the remaining half and second option is to form a pvt ltd company transfer the whole land to the company at current market value against issuing share capital to the present owner, add other share holders against issue of share capital for cash (to the extent of valuation of the land cost) and use this money for development. The second alternative is like a joint venture where transparency could be maintained and every share holder will have share in future appreciation of assets of the company with added advantage of liquidity to some extent. The Income is also tax free both in the hands of company and dividend as share holders.

Please comment and share your views.

For more details please contact joglekar.ap@gmail.com, orgagro on skype, 9423089706 , 9404415284, 07232245567, 07232288724

Thanks and regards
Anant Joglekar

During my search for land, I have found land within 100 KM of Mumbai to be very costly & therefore uneconomical for Agricultural. We have to find land which is in radius of 150-200 km. Any land beyond this range would be unapproachable.
I am contactable at ruchikaconstruction@rediffmail.com

Though land away from Mumbai Pune axis may not have much relevance for current group, but what rate do you prefer to offer per acre in case some one is interested in purchasing the land there. Forming company may not be in the group’s interest.Most of the time such ventures fail miserably with lot of ill will. It is preferred to keep the dealing on line for better transparency amongst all interested members.[glow=red,2,300][/glow]

Second round of visit to Lonavala Pune stretch. Land is all between 10 Lakhs an acre to xxx (no limit for upper side). Hence with very good connectivity from the main Mumbai Pune NH4 highway (old Mumbai Pune highway) and if one is ready to travel on decent roads to 15 kms one can buy a land for even 10 Lakhs. I weeks effort of scouting the areas all over Lonavala and Pune this is the best I could find. And I am only talking about lands which are road connected, have good red soil, water available nearby, electricity available, market infrastructure like transportation by trains-buses, easy pick up of produce to cities like Mumbai and Pune directly from farm via regular transport vehicles running, skilled labour for polyhouse as well and any other small or big required inputs for the running of a business. And all these lands are between 120 kms and 140 kms from Mumbai central station in Mumbai. If city traffic is not taken in to consideration and say if I leave by early morning from Mumbai I can reach these spots. The weather there is very good as well. I mean one can find a lot of cheap land in konkan belt or even rates are lower in Shahpur, but this is the place to be. Peaceful environment and if u buy an expensive land u r facing the dam directly. A perfect life that I am looking ahead for. Please feel free to ask any details as I have given a lot of hours and effort to gather all this info and would love to share the details.

Dear Prashant
It is reallly appreciable that you have put in sincere efforts in searching the land.Our other like minded friends interested in land purchase seriously, can link up with you and collectively the group can carry out proper bargain for bigger chunk of land in the area.Any big land purchase can get us lot of discount with reasonably good quality land.We all can chalk out our shares of land as per our purchasing capability.

Dear All,
Relatively low price bulk land is avaliable in Ratanagiri and some parts of sindhudurga districts.
The land will be ideal for horticulture especially Alphanso, Cashew, sapota, drumstick, amla, kokam, teak, sandal, rubber etc and one can also try other spices bcos the climatic condition here is similar to kerala. If it is nearby Dapoli, Vijaydurga or Deogad are u ok with?
Land on the plain areas (ghat) are suitable for purely agriculture crops like sugar cane, grapes etc. subjected to avaliability of water. also these lands are very costly now days and the crop agriculture is extensively labour oriented. Hence I am focusing mainly on the Konkan areas rather than plain areas pune and other districts.
If the land in size of 100 -200 acres is available @ 1.5 - 2.5 lakh/acre its will be good deal.
I am selecting the land in this area bcos:

  1. ideal for horticulture due to climatic and soil condition (Horticulture requires comparitively less labor than convensional agriculture so easy to manage)
  2. above fruit bearing trees gives good yields here
  3. Accessable from Mumbai, by Konkan rail.
  4. Very high appreciation in the land value.( 5 years old plantation rate is 10-15 lakhs/acre, 10 years fruit bearing plantation 20-40 lakh/acres)
    If any body serious on the purchase of land let me know. I am serching the land in these areas.


J N Dixit

Hi All,
looks like we have few like minded peoples who are serious about bulk purchase .
My brother works at Lavasa and stays at Karjat . I will try to get his inputs and share with members .
When I talked to him last time he was telling that peopels around lavas quote in Gunthas and not in acres so you can understand the expectations .

Thanks & regards,