Looking for partner in farming in 15 acres land near Hiriyur,165 kms from Bangalore

Hello Friends,

I had taken 15 acres of land on lease for 10 years near Hiriyur, Karnataka. I still have 6 years lease.

  1. Entire farm is drip irrigated - 8 acres inline drip system & 6 acres online drip system.
  2. 3 borewells with sufficient water round the year - 2 operational; 1 is not used yet.
  3. Borewell motors are fitted with auto starters which work on single phase as well as 3 phase current.
  4. Total available electricity per day 12 to 15 Hrs (out of which 6 to 7 hours 3-phase; water ouput
    during single phase current will be less).
  5. Red soil suitable for horticultural crops.
  6. 165 Kms from Bangalore - Nearest cities are Sira, Tumkur, Chitradurga & Davanagere.
  7. Two On-farm Huts with bathroom, toilet, cudapa slabs used for walls & floor suitable for living with solar power backup.
  8. 6 Desi Cattle available (3 Gir & 3 local) in case of organic farming.
  9. Good approach to tar roads.

Apart from above infrastructure, I will help in arranging local help viz., bulk labor when required, marketing of the produce, logistics arrangements whenever required, on-demand tractor arrangement, other local help etc.

Since I work in Bangalore and visit the farm once in 7 or 14 days, it is practically difficult for me to monitor the daily activities of the farm because of which I faced losses in the past. Therefore I am looking for a partner who is willing to invest for the new crops and also willing to stay in the farm, investment can be crop specific i.e., if he wants to grow say tomato crop in 2 acres, he can only invest on what is required for this crop alone(example seeds/saplings, manures/fertilizers, labor etc).

Please let me know if anyone is interested to discuss further on this proposal.My contact details as below:

Mob. No. 9620944466
email: guru.3112@gmail.com

Thanks & Regards
Guru Prasad

Hi guru prasad contact me whatsup 9995665929

i am interested.please call me at 9849531534