Agri partners required for growing watermelon and Ash gourd in 2 acres

Dear Forum friends,

I am planning to grow watermelons (Kiran or Pahuja or Melody varieties) starting from Feb 25th 2019 i.e., another 3 to 4 days so that we can target to harvest at the beginning of Ramzan festival when prices are hoped t0 be comparatively better and I am looking for someone who can fund. Once the watermelons are harvested after 55 days, I will plant the seeds of Ash gourd on the same beds with least additional cost and this will be harvested after 4 months. So total duration of both the crops is 6 months one after the other. This will substantially reduce the total investment. Crop expenses and possible profits is attached with this post.
Partnership details:

  1. Total investment - 2 to 2.3 lakh rupees for both the crops. Initial investment 1.5 lakhs.
    We can start with 1.5 lakhs for watermelon. After watermelon is harvested, we can start ash gourd(Nati variety each weighing around 10 to 30 kgs) with the profits earned from watermelon.

2. Profit sharing:
To safe gourd the investor’s money, I will first return the initial capital back to investor from the revenue generated from watermelon sales and will share only from the profits earned ie., if invesment is 1.5 lakhs & net revenue is 2.5 lakhs out of which 1 lakh is profit, then I will return 1.5 lakhs to the investor and share 50% from the profits i.e., 50,000 rupees. This way investor is at minimum risk.
Cost of cultivation_Watermelon_19Feb19-converted.pdf (130.9 KB)


  • Summer season is little risky. To reduce this risk, I have planned for two crop model to minimize overall losses.
  • Other common risks like severe pests or unexpected heavy rainfall, less price at the time of harvest etc.
  • Possibility of loss is not completely ruled out.

Farm details:

  • Near Hiriyur, Karnataka (165 kilometers from Banglore towards Pune)
  • Good water source (2 borewells with good ground water), Drip irrigated.
  • Arrangement is there if anyone on behalf of investor wants to stay at farm.

If anyone is interested, please call me on 9620944466.
Cost of cultivation_Watermelon_19Feb19-converted.pdf (130.9 KB)

Thanks & Regards
Guru Prasad A