Looking for Partner in Farming Business

Dear Farmnest Members
I am Kavita. I ma planning Organic Farming anywhere in Maharashtra ( if it is nearby Mumbai Then best)
I m looking for partners who have agriculture Lands. We will develop land and we have really good contact so we will market it
Supply marketing development we will look after
Do mail us if someone is interested in this Joint venture
We are open for dairy farm too
someone has dairy and they want us to market that then we are open for that opportunity too
Do mail us webanjare@gmail.com for further details
Thank you

Are you ready to do tamilnadu I’ll support

Hello Hari, Which part of tamilnadu

I am also looking for a partner in farming, i own a 67 acre agri land property in Tenkasi District in Tamil Nadu. I currently have a 6-acre Amla plantation within the property, and the infrastructure is reasonable well developed with 2 borewells with good ground water availability, 2 Free EB connections, 3.5 Kms of underground pipelines, completely fenced property (solar powered fence), 2 small buildings, etc

I am looking for credible partners that can bring in their expertise and add value


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Kodaikanal my number is 9751623246

Please contact 9326662441
And check email

Interested to connect and know more. Please reach out to me at jhondisilva69@gmail.com

Dear Sir Kindly share your contact details please. This is Perin +91-8861688810

Good morning,
Nice to hear the information. Well I am interested to spare my farm land which is located in Karnataka, bordering Maharahstra i.e. in Bidar District. I have 10 acres of farmhouse attached to the village with all facilities and can be supervised from the terras of the house. If it suits you I am ready to extend my hands for the same. Kindly let me know if so.


Hi I’m from Tamilnadu koadaikanal… Here many agriculture land… Cottage for sales if anybody need please call me 9751623246

This Dr. N. Biradar
Email ID: biradarns786@gmail.com

Mobile: 9164085395

Dear sir /Madam

We are from Tamilnadu, Erode District. My land is situated in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka border. We have 30 Acres of Fertile, irrigated farm land. We are ready for Joint Venture. Please contact us for farming proposal





Hi Hari,
Is there any budget vacation house with proper access available!?

Yes sir I can contact me 9751623246

Hi I’m from kodaikanal. We’re farmers we have .green peas. Available now if anyone needs pls contact me 9751623246

Dear Sir

I need Andhra origin YAM each 1.5 kg to 2.5 kg weight for export . Delivery to Chennai

20 to 25 MT.

Please contact

I am in Kolkata

Pls call me on 9699844501

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What is the purchase price for yam to export

Hi my self I’m Krishna from kodaikanal we are farming hills garlic smoked (allium satvium) it’s Got ( geography indicator) from Indian government…pure organic garlic if anyone wants to buy place call me 9751623246