Looking for help to setup DVR /CC Camera's at farm and access from anywhere

I have a Hybrid DVR and few CC Cameras to setup at the farm. I don’t have any problem in setting it up and accessing it locally using common network (wifi)

I am looking for some help on setting it up in the farm and get it accessed over the internet, so that I can watch the camera live anywhere using phone or PC. I have a router with 3g/4g dongle capability.  I plan to use an Airtel SIM with 3G activated.

Appreciate your support in this regard.

Thank you Sir for your Interest in our Farms Security.We will get full support from Jio Technology
in a short Time either in January 207 or June 1017 Positively. Till such Time we cannot have
supporting and assured Signals on any Network. I have worked a lot on this issue.
for Vasudha Green Farms,
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Dongle to router; router to DVR; DDNS on router - isn’t it that simple?

Dongle to router; router to DVR; is No brainier and was able to get it running.

But the “DDNS on router” thing is something I would need help or details into it.

;D ;D Are you out of India these days or working in US time zone, surprised to see your post at such an odd time.  :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Should be straight forward too. Create an id at noip or similar, grab your personal url, pop it into the router’s ddns page and presto!  :sunglasses:

Most of the 3G/4G router doesnt support port forwarding , and DDNS, you have to buy a DVR with PTP feature where you dont need to have port forwarding or DDNS, Hikvision and CPPLUS support PTP option,  in PTP option you have to connect the DVR to the router , and install the app in your mobile and scan the QR code.

My experience / achievement till now

  1. Was able to get the DVR/ Camara viewed with my mobile network after setting it up in the home network (broad band). The target location does not have broadband though.
  2. Tried TP-Link - 3420, I was successful with the modem, but as the luck had to, the motherboard is failed (no lights visible, but there is power supply into multiple points in the mother borad, checked with multi-meter) - Probably need to find right doctor for it to get it repaired.
  3. Tried “D-Link 116” but this does not have the basic features of “IP Reservations”
  4. Was able to achieve this with Port Forwarding and DDNS

All I need is to provide to my DVR is wired internet from router and everything is resolved.

I am looking for help in terms what are my options to get internet at remote location where there is ample 3G (Airtel)

Allz well that ends well, after all the trouble I faced with the DVR, I was able to get it live.

  1. My TP-Link 3420 has been replaced within mins when I called again and walked into service center. Super Quick Service.
  2. My D-Link router is replaced and i have a spare D-Link router at home ready for sale  :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
  3. Spent almost a sleep less night trying to figure out the problem was
    [li]It gets connected with cable network, but never gets connected with 3G dongle[/li]
    [li]Understood, the cable ISP has opened ports but not the Airtel (3g)[/li][/ul]
  4. Luckily my DVR had the option of “AutoNAT” enabling which works directly by scanning the MAC address of the DVR (as explained by Akthar)
  5. After the AutoNAT, I disabled all the DDNS settings as it was not required
  6. Added a 1KW UPS that is giving me backup of 2-3 hrs.
  7. I have seen couple of sessions where I was not able to connect to the DVR but it got restored by itself, need to figure out when I visit the farm.
  8. My initial interest (2 days 3 nights) has consumed nearly 800 MB at site and 400 MB on my phone, might have to look for 5GB plan both ends to be at peace (Airtel offers at 550 - 5GB)

Setup 5 Cameras, each guarding the other and covering the primary area required. Snap of the positioning of my DVR with the guy (freelancer) who did a superb job in getting this work neatly without any visible wires.

I strongly recommend this guy for any work around Hyderabad, he has good knowledge of security installations as he works for a company but he also does his freelancing.

I can help with any questions one might have.

Great stuff, congratulations! The images look good!

How did you get power and cable to each camera on a different pole? How far are the cameras spread out?

Two cameras are on top of the house which were wired (along with power) by drilling the wall.

Three cams were put on Electric pole (single phase), three cables along with strong binding wire to support was run from home to the pole.

The pole was around 25 mts away from the point the wires came out of home.

All these are basic camera’s probably between $15-$25 primarily to get the DIY setup, and find them doing a decent job and have great night vision too

I will add few more good cameras with 50 to 100 mts in future for better clarity.

Am planning to set up the same.  Kindly help me what model eqpts to be purchased.  Tks.

Here is the information that you can use while  buying the products

  1. DVR - It should either have PTP connectivity or AutoNAT enabled. This would help you connect to the DVR with the MAC address of the system easily without any issues of configuring DDNS and Port forwarding.

  2. You would need a 3g/4g capable router with LAN ports, as many of the current DVR does not have wireless connectivity. They take LAN input. I used “TP-Link 3420” and it works magic

  3. Your router should have “IP Reservation” so that your DVR does not change its IPs everytime it connects to the router, this will help in accessing the DVR with laptop connected to same router. Configuring it on the laptop is more convenient than using the interface on the DVR

  4. You would need a 3g/4g USB Dongle that has a slot for Sim Card, as many remote places the internet connectivity is only thru the 3g/4g. But if you have a cable / direct broadband connection you would not need USB Dongle. Just a word of caution please ensure that the dongle is compatible with your Router.

  5. The latest Wifi Hotspots would not work with DVR or Router unless the DVRs or Routers can take the wifi input and use it.

  6. Camera’s based on your distance and clarity needs. I chose basic cameras as the area that needed to be covered was around the room only. For longer distance coverage ideal to go with 80-100 mts cameras.

  7. PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera’s are very costly but are very helpful, you do not need 3 cameras as the PTZ camera can be panned using your mobile apps.

Let me know if you are looking for any more specific information, I would be very happy to share the same.

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