Looking for farming guidance

I have one acre land in middle of eluru city … my parents living over there tried drumstick , turmeric , flower plants etc… every crop ended in loses …

Please suggest any fruit plantation type … v r thinking about veitnam super early jack fruit , nmk custard …

Kindly share your valuable suggestions …

Don’t generally go by youtube video’s. Do have your soil tested and then get recommendation from a local experts or from an nearby Horticulture office.

If you do not have people to manage day to day farm activities , go for legume or non-legume fodders .
Non-legume fodders ( Perennial ) Hybrid Napier grass, Para grass ( Annual ) Maize , Sorghum
Legume fodders ( Annual ) - Bersem , Cowpea ( Perennial ) Style , Desmantes etc .
Tentative earning : 50 Ton - 150 ton green fodder yield per year @ Rs 4000 / Ton
Gross profit - 2.0 - 6.0 Lakh per year

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Dear Mr. Harikrishna sir,
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if your land is of elevated and not water logging, please go ahead with Vietnam Super early Jack fruit and/or NMK1, custard Apple. They are doing good, production wise and Market wise. Moreover, not much difficult to grow and maintain, and while purchasing, do it with, from a Reputed Nursery,

wishing you the best.
g.p.rao, farmer


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