Looking for Auger / Post Hole Digger

Few of questions.

  1. What has been your experience using of Poll Post Digger (Petrol / Diesel) to dig holes for planting small saplings with around 7" - 9" hole diameter for 1-2 feets dept??

  2. Does any one has any Auger / Poll Post digger that I can use for short duration (renting it out also is fine)??

  3. What is the average number of holes that Tractor based auger can drill?? and your experience with it.

Dear Sri Khushizone,

During last week of february, I have used Augor for holing 875 nos pits of size 10 inch dia x 2 ft depth for my teak plantation. with 2 persons, it took 4 days. very economical. One of my friend, sri Santharam sir of Lepakshi, gave me, at free of cost.

around 300 holes can be made with augor, with 2 persons.( hardly take a couple of minutes.).

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Could it be available for rent anywhere, i too am looking for one

Manual earth Auger ease of operation depends on soil. If it is Black cotton soil it is not economical and operator fatigue is too high. It takes lot of time.

I got some offering from a tractor guy who can drill holes of 18" @ 50 nos per hour. He offered me 9rs later agreed for 6Rs. I feel this most economical.
Tractor guy had tractor mounted auger which he used it for installing poles for nirantara jyoti scheme for Electricity. In his spare time he offered me this.

Dear Sri sir,

Very reasonable price and most economical for farmer.  Here they are quoting abnormally. 18 inch CIA is good for many type of plants.

Dear Sri  Hegde sir,

I will enquire and if any chance, I will send a pm to you.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer.

GPRao sir, Let me clarify,

if it is red soil no issues it will work. Cost of equipment is somewhere 30K.

Dear Sri2012 sir,

can i have details of auger, costing 30k. pl give details.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Sir, Chinese petrol augers are available in agri shops and online stores ranging from 16k to 35k. A decent one with support for up to 30cm bit and 71cc engine seems to be in the range of 21-22k online, though the same in shops is slightly more expensive. I am considering one for fence posts that I need to install.

Branded ones of course have no upper limit on the price.

Some of the Chinese models are these:

For planting trees however, do we really need an earth auger? I have this question on a new thread: Right way to plant tree saplings

I was at Ranigunj last week and saw someone buying Digger with 10" dia bit - The price inclusive of drill bit was around 22K. For some reason it looked robust.

Sir, Can you please confirm which one you finalized and the price for the same. When I looked around in the shops, it is little expensive. Any leads will help me also procure the right one at the right price.


Could it be available for rent anywhere, i too am looking for one
[/quote]The hand held machine and tractor mounted one as well are available on rent at Krishi Yantra Dhare centre in Kudur,Magadi Tal. Tel no 9663990655.Krishi Yantra dhare is a state sponsored programme., I am told each hobli in Karnataka has a centre to help farmers get mechanised eqpt at subsidised rent.


I went with Kisankraft KK-PPDE-71 kisankraft.com/products/v/49
It cost me a little less than 22k with a 10 inch auger bit included, on industrybuying.com but I strongly recommend against this site - just some clueless inefficient kids running the site, causing too much pain. I will write a review about them separately. However I have seen a few other sites selling it for 21 odd, so you might try your luck.

I have not yet used this auger but am told by a few it is doing a decent job, will update once I assemble and start using it. That said, it is a Chinese product and I would expect some limited careful use to keep it running.


Thanks for the info.  I will do some detailed search in SP Road Bangalore and online before concluding where to buy.