Looking for advice on Mangusten farming


Im planning to plant about 100 trees of mangusten fruit in hunsur taluk , mysore district…need advise whether it can be grown in this area.,if yes, where can i get saplings



Mangostten is one the most praised fruits, regarded as Queen of Tropical fruits. Many people consider it as the finest fruit of world with exquisite, uncomparable, appealing taste and flavor.
Mangosteen fruit is the richest know source of natural xanthone compounds, which have tremendous medicinal values.
Cultivated species is the purple fruited mangosteen, and there exist yellow fruited mangosteen but they have extremely sour fruits.
Tree is very slow growing, erect and pyramidal crown.
Mangostten prefers humid tropical climate. This is cultivated up to an altitude of 400-900 m above MSL. And preferable in areas with 180-250 cm rainfall.
It is also shade loving plant.
Mangosteen is widely propagated through seeds.
Multiplication through cuttings, layering and budding was proved to be unsuccessful.
Softwood grafting results with survival percentage of 50% after 4 months.
Seedlings start flowering in 7-8 years and sometimes pre-bearing age extends up to 15 years depending upon location. Grafted plant starts bearing in 3 years and give good yield by 18-20 years.
Fruit drop is very common, about 40-50% can be reduced by giving regular irrigation.
Yield varies from 500 to 1500 fruits depending upon (again) climate and location.

So, after reading this, you still need mangosteen, I can provide you grafted saplings any number you prefer.
Let us know.