Looking for a pulverizer for farm


We are planning to buy a farm pulverizer to process the farm items like coconut fronds, areca leafs, small branches, etc. The broken chips would be used in the vermicompost pits. I’m looking for a unit which can be powered by a diesel engine and fixed at a single location. Farm is located near Kasaragod. Anyone having a similar setup in Mangalore or nearby towns? suggestions on suppliers for these machinery?


The best way is to search it online, there are number of sources available online from where you can get the details about of manufacturers and suppliers. Also you can post classified on leading ads sites.

Farm Shredder would be appropriate word.

You will get tractor mounted bio shredders starting from 55K to 85K depending upon the capacity.
Electrical driven shredders are also available almost in the same price range.

If it for small farm see below video (I dont know the price. Please check with Agrimart)

If your agri wastes are think leaves you can also think of chaff cutters which is available for 30K

Here in Coimbatore we have OEM’s manufacturing tractor implements & power driven pulverizers/chaueff cutters.

The variants would be mostly on capacity & power. Price mostly would be in the range Sri has mentioned. Give or take 5%.


Saravana Kumar