Looking for a partner to develop ZBNF/Natural farm near Hassan karnataka

Hello Friends,

I am an IT professional working in 9-5 job in a MNC in bangalore and i am from non agriculturist background (but my grand parents were doing agriculture once upon a time). i am always passionate about nature and farming from my child hood. i was always thinking to get involve in farming but due to no agriculture land and lack of experience hold me back every time. i was waiting from long time and right opportunity to fulfill this dream.

Fortunately, About 6 months back, i purchased agriculture land of 6.5 acres of land from one of my close friend who is settled in US. the farm is located in a village called mavanuru near Hassan district in karnataka. it has a borewell (operational only in monsoon) but farm is located to around 300 mts from village pond. some 25 fruit trees are already present in farm.

Now i am looking for same one with same mind set to support in developing ZBNF/Natural farm. i idea is to grow fruit forest. if someone is really interest in this journey can message/call me at below given numbers so that we can collaborate. i will ensure that we will have great experience and learning in this journey.

we will discuss further plans once you are connected.

Mob: 8904470710/8050353585 (Available for Call/Message/Whatsapp)

Kindly pls contact me on 9420902021, if you interested in goat farming on contract basis 6 to 10 yrs agreement we will do management all farms as semicompounded goat farm.
Kindly download app matoshreefps.

Hi Madhu,

It nice to read your note showing your interest in ZBNF. I am Mr. J.Kantharaj from Bangalore & an Organic farming enthusiast with good experience in the field. I am a retired person in normal good health by the Grace of God.

I can be of use to you to look after the farm and start the Organic practices and get the entire land Organic, between 3 to 5 years maximum.

You should have multiple activities, where one supports the other. Like have cattle ( cow / sheep / goats ) country chicken etc, their waste will be converted to dung, and they will get their feed from fodder you grow.
Everything you need for the farm has to be grown or produced in the farm.

You must have short term crops like paddy / ragi & other millets / which will be of 3 to 3.5 months duration, you should go for fruit farming like mango, from end of 5th yer they wills tart to yield fully. Under intensive cultivaion system, you can plant between 250 to 300 trees in one acre of land, other fruit bearing trees must also be there which will yield between 2.5 to 3 yrs. You will need one pure native cow for its dung / urine / & milk for preparing various organic concoctions like Jeevamirtha / Panchagavya / etc etc

Gradually you can purchase more land around your place and increase the activities.

I do not wish to be a partner, but can be an advisor cum farm in-charge on a full time basis. If you are interested, you may send a mail to me " jkantharaj6@gmail.com or call me 9916972394, can meet and disuss further.

Warm Regards.

Dear madhu ,
please once visit natural farm near kollegal-Odeyarpalya developed by one mr.Kailash murthy, Bank employee and have experience of the land owner. All the best.
with regards,
mcs murthy

Thank you for your inputs.

Incase anyone interested for Group farming around bangalore, can contact me 8904470710.