Looking for a farmer as a partner


My name is Nitin and I am based in Delhi.

I am looking for a partner who is keen to do farming on full time basis. Role division is that I bring in capital and he/ she brings in farming expertise and manages the operations fully.

Land will need to be purchased and/ or leased. I am keen to explore it within 5-6 hours drive of Delhi only.

Regards, Nitin

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Please contact me at ash_khan22@yahoo.com or 8126618248
Ashraf Khan

Hi Nitin,
Please contact me on vivbhakav@gmail.com or dial 7974757088


If you ave interest in kerala most welcome , i have land and i am looking for a partner to start a lot
please contact me binuvku@gmail.com 00971505747339


I am from meerut ( UP ). Its only 65 km from delhi, i am havin 20 acre of land. I am going to start farming projects and needed a partner.

My mobile no. 8126394963


I am from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I can arrange land on lease. I have the expertise and can take the responsibility to manage the operation fully. You can travel by air within 2 hours. Crop is such that once the economics of input and output ratio is known to you during the initial period, no presence in field or supervision of operation is required later. The product can not be used or consumed by the local people. As such there is no scope for pilferage. You can only market the product at Delhi. Pl contact - plantaroma3@gmail.com

if you are okay with hyderabad and Andhra pradesh, i have 2-3 farmers, who have expertise and looking for expansion, they can join you… in box me the details or email

organiccontactslist at gmail dot com or whats app 9542336669

How are you doing?
Am curious to know about the product which cannot be used or consumed by the local people.
Can you please share the detail of such product?
You have a great day.
Nagaraja M S

The current pandemic is all about change, in fact very very rapid change.
Change like never before.
Food consumption, and eating habits, especially are likely to be significantly impacted as a result of all the new concerns about hygiene, personal safety and social distancing.
The Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO) took a macro view of the food & agriculture business post the lockdowns in most countries.
Its perspectives are actually quite interesting.
The FAO says that the 2008 financial crisis showed us what can happen when reduced income and uncertainty make people spend less and results in shrinking demand.
Sales declined,So did production.
Moreover, the most affected were forced to revert to negative coping strategies – such as selling of productive assets, less diverse diets, etc. to compensate for income constraints.
Covid-19 measures are affecting the free movement of people too, such as seasonal workers, might have an impact on food production, thus affecting market prices globally.
Measures to guarantee acceptable health standards in food factories, may slow down production.
So lots of change is on the anvil .
On one planet, all species, countries, and geopolitical issues are ultimately interconnected.
We are witnessing how the outbreak of a novel coronavirus in China can wreak havoc on the entire world.
We must start investing in what matters, by laying the foundation for a green, circular economy that is anchored in nature-based solutions and geared toward the public good.
Let us look at the larger picture and ignore macro issues that have been monopolizing much of the media space .
The pandemic is forcing many across the board to consider moving towards a more self-sufficient lifestyle. It’s hopefully forcing even more to realize the need for radical change in our global food system .
Coronavirus lockdowns are pushing more city dwellers to grow fruit and vegetables in their homes, providing a potentially lasting boost to urban farming, Urban farming can improve food security and nutrition, reduce climate change impacts, and lower stress .
Despite pressure on land to build homes and roads and concrete jungle , there is more than enough urban land available to meet the fruit and vegetable requirements of its population .
Urban and Peri urban agriculture is not so popular in India . Handful of start-ups are into it and doing well with different strategies .
Urban agriculture should be kick started by city based individuals , communities and agro entrepreneurs and fostered either macro or micro way . It’s the need of the hour .