Long Service Time Grain Processing Equipment

Our GRAIN PROCESSING EQUIPMENT has longer service time than that of other manufacturers. So why the grain processing equipment can make the result ? What does the grain processing equipment change ? Here Henan Institute of Grain Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd the manufacturer analyzes the details for everyone. 

1, grain processing equipment changes maize starch, wherein the putrescent phenomenon is reduced, which directly makes the grain processing equipment product easy to be stored. In this case, the corn storage time is prolonged.

2, after the high temperature treatment of grain processing equipment, the bacteria and parasites in corn also will be killed almost completely. The bacteria and parasites are the reasons that shorten the corn storage period. Their activity of life will change the corn content. When the corn contains other living thing more enough, it will be active to react with air and water. So, when grain processing equipment makes bacteria and parasites died,  the corn can be stored for a pretty long time.

3, after grain processing equipment, the moisture content of corn will become lower. Moisture in grain is the most common component to react with air and other thing. If the moisture is lower, the corn grain’s biological activity will be much less than before. This result is good to corn storage.

Grain processing equipment principle is complicated. What we can see and know is the result after the processing. HNLY owns the most advanced technology of grain processing equipment. We are proceeding to develop the core science technology continually.