Local genset vs branded one like kirloskar

I am setting up a small farm and need to buy a 7.5 kva genset that shall power a 5 hp borewell pump and provide electricity for  2 fans and 2 lights to the farm house.

How is the local Bharath genset (getting quote of Rs 60,000) compared to a Kirlosker?

I don’t have a quote for Kirlosker but I hear it’s double the cost.

Also would a local Bharthi brand be pretty noisy??

Thanks in advance for any guidance.


I have a Coimbatore made water pump as a stand by backup, had been working good since 3-4 years, price was 50% of brand pumps.  Gets used rarely, worked fine whenever used.

Hi Hegde,

The pump runs on diesel? How much did it cost and how deep can it pull water from?

This is a electrical motor. 3hp.  (sorry i could have mentioned it earlier).

7.5 KVA will not be able to support 5HP motor. I was looking for similar and found out that only till 4 HP can be supported.
You will need at least 10 KVA. There is one Prakash make from Coimbatore, 7.5KVA 3 phase genset was quoted as 56000 in Mysore, Karnataka.

We have VST power tiller which we have connected to an alternator for producing electricity. It works very nicely.


If the power rating is correct, I think 7.5 KVA genset should easily support up to 6 HP motor.

7.5 kVA = 6 KW
Working at max 75% load: 6 x 0.75 = 4.5 KW or 6.03 HP

Hi Nikhil,

Can you update more on this arrangements ? What is the capacity of this alternator, 1 Ph or 3 ph and what kVA ? Some pics of this will do fine.


Murali KG

13 HP VST Power tiller supports 7.5 KVA alternator.
You can have either single phase or  3 phase.

We are using for single phase for home electricity, milking machine and open well submersible.
Its very simple, all you have to do is attach a 5" pulley to the alternator and fix the belts of tiller to the alternator.
Will try to get some snaps, but i dont think its much big deal. The power tiller is equipped with 13 hp diesel engine which can be used to drive any machinery which can be connected using belt and pulley system.


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A friend bought two local made 7.5Kva gensets for use at his farm located about 45 km from Hyderabad. They turned out to be a nightmare, with frequent problems and seizures. Even after getting the engine blocks replaced under warranty, they continued to fail. Eventually, the supplier got tired of sending his serviceman all the way and my hapless friend got tired of fighting this out.

The gensets were both sold, pretty much at junk value. My friend learnt to manage his power needs and adjust to the power-cut timings and invested in an expensive inverter system for residential use.