Livestock Development Schemes in India


Visit [color=blue][/color] page for detailed information on the following livestock development schemes in India:-

  • Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme
  • Intensive Dairy Development Programme
  • Fodder and Feed Development Scheme
  • Pig Development Scheme
  • Poultry Venture Capital Fund
  • Establishment and Modernization of Rural Slaughter Houses
  • Salvaging and Rearing of Male Buffalo Calves
  • Utilization of Fallen Animals
  • Integrated Development of Small Ruminants (Sheep, Goat) and Rabbits
  • Conservation of Threatened Breeds of Small Ruminants, Rabbits, Pigs, Pack-Animals and Equines
  • Livestock Insurance Scheme

[color=blue]If you know of any other such schemes in your State/region, please post details as a reply to this post so as to benefit other livestock farmers.
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very goodinfo


if any body let us know about the live stock schemes in india in their state and how to participate.
please their contact number


Anyone can go to Government Animal Husbandary site like for Maharashtra it is


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Hi Everyone,
This is my first post in Farm Nest. Recently I started feasibility study for dairy farm in Andhra Pradesh and in the process I met officials from Animal Husbandry.I came to know that from this year they are coming with 20 animals subsidy programme for large farmers along with previous schemes. I hope this could be helpful for some one.


Namaskara Reddy,
Well come to forum. Wishing you all the best in Agriculture activities and I pray my god to give you strength to you to have peaceful & healthy feature in Agriculture sector. I wants to see you not only as ANNADAATHA but also as Role model to others.

Thank you very much for your important information of govt scheme on dairy farmers.

Please introduce yourself to the forum about you & your educational, work back grounds along with your targeted nature of agriculture activity to the forum members to provide/avail appropriate expertise from either side.


Dear Swamy,
  Thanks for the wishes.Myself Venkateshwar Reddy from Hyderabad working as a IT professional at TCS. I am planning to start Dairy Farm with buffaloes. For fodder I am cultivating 10 acres of land with Sorghum, 4 acres Bajra and planning to cultivate 4 acres of sweet corn.
I think better farmers cultivate Sweet Corn as fodder why because it fetches huge returns in short terms for the corn and as well as the better fodder.



any one can contribute state wise incentive schemes for dairy development on large scale it will also be gracefull. From the farm net have seen that most of the interested and computer savvy farmers are from AP, Karnataka, kerala, Gujarat and maharashtra.

Am a working professional in Gujarat and from a farming family in Kerala. Farming is in heart and targeting, dreaming, researching to establish a medium scale dairy farms. Looking for training courses 1st then venturing so in process to enroll Diploma in dairy technology from IGNOU . I have searched lot for a specified training program in dairy entrepreneurship but unfortunately could not find. any cone can help please advise.

also heard from a reliable source that in by next year ie 2013 there are lots of schemes coming from central government on dairy development. some one on excitement and basis past statistics quoted Rs 100 per litere in 2014… :astonished: :astonished:

happy dairying… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Does anybody know schemes prevailing in UP and step by step information on how to initiate and execute?



instead of getting into some one’s information from different state…straight visit your state’s regional NABARD office as well as to Animal Husbandry Department and get the instant existence schemes , benefits as well as the supports. We feel it is better… since lot of schemes differ from state to state.

thanks and regards,



Thanks Kasturiraju.
I just thought if someone in the forum knows and share. Well nevermind, I am planning to visit the department office now.


hello all,
this is a valid scheme for  HI-TECH COMMERCIAL DAIRY
interested people can contact me regarding this,
we provide onspot help for dairy farming and farmers regarding cattle issues. please go through the scheme once.


Hi Tech business Dairy as another arrangement plan is proposed to be actualized in the  andhra pradesh State  beginning from the year 2008-09. The plan on a fundamental level stands endorsed by the Govt. It will be the  a portion of the current plan of independent work and will be executed with extra supports to be  given under the head and the point of interest of the plan is as under:-
It needs no accentuation that India happens to be the goldmine of ranch domesticated animals assets. It  has more than half of the wild ox populace of the world with a greater part of the perceived breeds. The Indian Dairy Industry with countless Entrepreneurs in country ranges has had a colossal effect on the agrarian economy of the nation. With present creation level of 98 million tons milk for every annum, India positions first in t he world and 55% of the aggregate milk delivered originates from wild oxen. (The world exchange drain and drain items is about US$ 10 billion.) India’s present fare profit from milk and drain items are negligible 0.06 percent of worldwide exchange. The Agribusiness and handled nourishment items have a substantial extension in the worldwide business sector. It is normal that  through ideal use of asset base and the actuation of development innovation Indian Dairy

Generation can scale new statures.

Haryana holds a unique spot in the field of milk generation and it is really known as the ‚ÄėMilk Pail‚Äô of the nation 80% of the State milk originates from bison alone. The State is glad to be the home-tract of one of the best bison types of the world i.e. ‚ÄėMurrah‚Äô. Bison has likewise been perceived to be the creature of the 21st Century and in this way, deliberate change of wild oxen for milk generation of the nation is a goregone conclusion. There is an incredible interest of this high yielding first class breed from inside as well as outside the nation also. Most of the States get rearing stock from Haryana for upgradation of their low delivering bison. The State is very aware of monitoring, enhancing and quick duplicating this one of a kind hereditary supply of bison by¬† advancing rearing exercises in the State.¬† Milk creation in the State is 54.72 lac M.T. out of which 80% is contributed by wild oxen. The per head milk accessibility in the state is 660 gm for every day which is second most noteworthy beside Punjab. As indicated by domesticated animals evaluation 2007, the wild ox populace in the state is 60.00 lacs and that of¬† steers populace 15.00 lacs.
The State has an immense capability of independent work era in the segment of Animal Husbandry and Dairying. Foundation of dairy units of 3,5,10,20 milch creatures can alone produce significant occupation (Direct or Indirect) wherein advance is given by the banks and endowment by Govt. Regularly, one individual increases full time occupation by keeping 2-3 milch creatures. So also, for unit of 5,10,20 milch creatures alternate individuals from the family likewise again livelihood. The State is having a well created framework of veterinary foundations obliging the needs of the domesticated animals proprietors giving veterinary administrations round-the-clock at their doorsteps. The State is additionally independent in feed creation and rich in human asset for giving preparing to the ranchers and in addition the field functionaries. The Department holds at each Sub Division in the State the consistent 11 days dairy trainings for the persons keen on setting up of dairy units. Creature Husbandry is an essential part of  Horticulture and alongside Agriculture, is the significant area of work. As per eighteenth Livestock Evaluation 2007, around 22.27 lac families (Households) are occupied with domesticated animals raising alongwith farming. Despite the fact that of these around 10.00 lacs families are drawing family wage from tersary division as real occupation even than are raising milch creatures or other animals. To support up the milk creation, grain generation and era of more and more livelihoods in the qairy division, it is proposed to set up greater dairies with least of 20 or more milch creatures.

Business banks under Agriculture Finance w2ould account the business dairy units. The promoting office of milk is given by HDDCF and other plant in the State. The model plan for 20 milch creatures would require the accompanying sum or need based as requested by the unit holder:-

Term credit Rs.8.5 lac

Working Capital Rs.2.5 lac

This sum is to be reimbursed in 7 years in 78 regularly scheduled payments with a ban time of 6 months. The plan is adaptable and would be changed according to suitability of the rancher. As to of premium, the individual bank or banks would give advance on special decrease rate according to rule issued by RBI. Essentially, the financing cost would be 2% not exactly the predominant P.L.R., further 1% less for general payees and further by 0.5% for ladies loanees. Further cleared up that the financing banks would not charge any handling and different expenses from ranchers while authorizing the advance.
The office would help these dairy units in the accompanying ways:-

i Providing free trainings to the suitable dairy business people.

ii Sponsoring of advance applications to banks.

iii half sharing of expense of protection of dairy creatures.

iv The appropriation @ 15% of the term credit to a most extreme of Rs.1.50 lac to a business dairy unit

would be given.

v Veterinary administrations at entryway venture of agriculturists.

vi Arrangement of promoting of milk through HDDCP and so forth.

The endowment on authorization of advance will be discharged ahead of time to the financing bank to be balanced as  back finished. The rancher will be requested that set up the unit in a time of three months and the well being authentication of the milch creatures would be delivered by the concerned Vety. Specialist. half cost of protection premium will be conceived by the Govt. under the plan for a starting time of 3 years. In case the loanees don’t set up the business unit, the bank will discount the development appropriation to the office. The division proposes to set up 200 such dairy units amid the year 2009-10 in the

State for which a whole of Rs.3.00 crores will be required under arrangement spending plan.

Annexure ‚Äď I



Agriculturists having two or more milch creatures. New ranchers prepared in dairy cultivating by the Department

of Animal Husbandry and Dairying/Agriculture Universities/Other Agencies. Agribusiness/Vety

graduates might likewise benefit credit.


To set up new Hi-Tech business dairy units and additionally for augmentation of the current dairy units.


For a unit of 20 Milch Animals( ideally Murrah bison and Crossbred Cows)

(Points of interest Annexure - II)

Term Loan - Rs. 8.50 lac for each unit

Working Capital - Rs. 2.50 lac for every unit

(However the measure of credit might rely on upon the genuine expense of the undertaking)


Both for Working Capital and Term Loan @2% underneath PLR i.e 11% p.a.

A further concession of 1% p.a. on consistent reimbursements should be conceded on yearly premise toward the end of the money related year on advances of those ranchers who’s reimbursement is general amid the year. In the event of any default amid cash of the advance, the concession for that period might not be conceded.

Sponsorship BY Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying: i 15% of the term advance to a greatest of 1.50 lac for each unit  half cost of protection premium of milch creatures for beginning time of 3 yrs.

Dispensing OF LOAN:


a half of expense of shed will be dispensed toward the transferring so as to start into sparing bank.

b Remaining half of expense of shed will be dispensed in the wake of confirming the end utilization of the initial half



After finishing of dairy farming shed, advance will be given at first for 10 creatures. When the agriculturist  finishes the buy of first parcel of 10 creatures, the advance for the remaining 10 creatures will be discharged. So as to assist his preferred agriculturists with purchasing the creatures the credit sum for creatures will be discharged by exchanging the add up to his sparing financial balance. Then again, the buy of creatures should be really checked by the Branch Staff and the nearby Vety Surgeon to guarantee end utilization of advance.

Reimbursement PERIOD:


Advance might be reimbursed in 7 years in 78 regularly scheduled payments with a ban time of 6 months.


To be authorized for one year and restored from that point



Hypothecation of shed, domesticated animals and other moveable resources financed by the bank.


Enlisted home loan of farming area or impartial home loan of property having quality in any event  150% of aggregate advance sum. On the off chance that the borrower does not possess land in his name, then the area remaining for the sake of his dad might be sold and he should be made an underwriter too.


i according to understanding of manage an account with recognized insurance agency or on the rate chose by the State

Govt. whichever is least.


Discretionary :- Personal Accidental Insurance of rancher for Rs. 1 Lac for a premium of Rs. 30 for every  year. Correspondingly the workers occupied with the dairy ranch and other relatives of the agriculturist can be secured under the plan at the same rate of premium.

Preparing FEE: NIL

Forthright FEE: NIL

Investigation CHARGES: NIL

Grouping: Under Direct Agriculture Finance




  1. Expense of 20 Cross Breed Cows/Murrah Buffaloes @ Rs.

35,000/ - per creature including transport charges Rs. 700000.00

  1. Expense of creatures shed and store cum office Rs. 236000.00

  2. Draining hardware with site Rs. 50000.00

  3. Expense of creature cooling unit Rs. 14000.00

Aggregate FIXED EXPENDITURE Rs. 1000000.00

  1. Less Margin @ 15% i.e. borrowers commitment Rs. 150000.00

  2. Bank’s Finance (Term Loan) Rs. 850000.00


  1. Expense OF GREEN FODDER Rs. 1,53,300.00

30kg/Day/creature @100/ - per quintal by and large


  1. Expense OF DRY FODDER

10 Kg/day/creature @ Rs. 250/ - per quintal Rs. 1,82


pls suggest livestock insurance scheme.