Live vegetable prices


thought would start a post with live rates for all the produce i grow and sell.

anyone interested?


Yes, live rates with markets you approached would definitely help to understand real time situation out there  :wink:

well yea… but it needs involvement of actual growers :stuck_out_tongue:

ok… let me start…
today i sold my produce in Nasik Mandi, below are the rates -
green capsicum Rs 325 / crate of about 11 kg.

cucumber for Rs 274 / crate of 20 kg

tomatoes for Rs 725 / crate of about 18 kg

if you are interested in some other vegetable, i can check the next time i go to sell my produce.


thanks and wish you will see other growers share their marketing stats which I keep following on this topic :sunglasses:


A great and Good IDEA . This will help not only to the Farmers  and it will also helpful to the Consumers too. Because consumers are POaying almost Double the Price get the Farmers. Govt should take steps in reducing the vast Gap in the Prices of Vegetables between Farmer Price and Consumer Price.



price the farmer gets, and what the consumer pays will always have a huge difference.

earlier, when i was not into farming, i too would always keep on yapping that the farmer gets say Rs.5/kg of tomato, and the consumer pays Rs30/kg.

but when i started farming, started visint markets. i realized that its a whole lot of work. the produce goes from farmers to traders, gets sorted,repacked,transported all over india. then reaches the wholeseller. this fellow starts distributing it all over the area, and finally it reaches the retail. where they have huge overheads and running costs…

there is fair amount of expenses involved in transportation at each stage, commission, handling, vegetables get damaged in transport and finally when they reach the retail, the shelf life is half gone. so at times the retailer has to bear loss as the produce goes spoilt.

i think, its fair for everyone to charge for their bit of work involved. thats true business.

farmers are not interested in direct marketing, so this is going to be like this. individual farmer cant meet the huge demand, so he cant do anything alone. so middleman and traders will always be involved.

every farmer wants to keep his source secret, his marketing method a secret…

everyone is talking about a transparent selling/buying system… do co-operative farming… but i really don’t know any such system, haven’t come across anything like this in my region.

does anyone know any such active group ?


capsicum price falling… today was Rs 265/crate

tomatoes are doing good, as long as the produce from north doesnt hit the market. Rs 720/crate.
its really funny… 2 yrs back, i sold tomatoes for Rs 180-220/crate. (Rs 2-4/kg)
this is the first time ever in my life that i have sold tomatoes for this rate.

the main reason is that due to cold weather in north (ganga region) there is lot of damage caused to the tomato plantation done there, in Nasik, the rains ended very late, so most of the new plantation got postponed and got damaged, and now the weather is very cold and misty in the morning, and there is heavy damage caused and open production is suffering. so the supply in market is very less.
plus as the production of open tomatoes started a month back, a lot of export has started from our region. if the quality is suitable for exports…one can get good rates.


Thank you Bhayya ,

It would be better to design a Page in our FORUM for Posting of the Prices of all essential Farm output Commodities at various Major cities. I think it will be possible to design a Page on the above thought. In this Page  an option may be provide to  our FORUM Member at one Prospective Member at one Place with an authorization to post the data. Iam in hope our Moderator and our Technical Forum members will take initiation in this Regard.

for Vasudha Green Farm, Hyderabad,,

Few agencies are doing this from past 4 years below are few links

[ … 2ixj3py045](

Daily vegetable prices (and other commodities) in Karnataka availalble at:

It also hosts a monthly magazine in Kannada at: … ipete.aspx

i love you both  :-*

Hello Members

I have a question (especially for those who live in Maharashtra) -

Situation -  Let’s say I want to sell vegetables (english only) to customers directly at their doorstep. So, I go to Nashik / Pune / Nagar etc and do my sourcing from the farmer or the wholesale mandi.

Selling area is Mumbai (Borivali area). I have my own 407 tempo.  I will buy around 2 tons per week of english vegetables.

Question - If my average purchase price is say “X” rupees per kg. Then by what percent will my input costs increase (transport / hamaal / taxes / mandi fees / labor / packing / weighing) in addition to my purchase price of “X” ?

I am looking for a rough idea ( X plus how much more percent will be added to it).

Soliciting your best guesses !!

Gaurav Mehta

hey Gaurav,

costing part is depended on the financial aspects related to your services.

say you get a mobile phone for Rs5/pc, shipping is Rs1/pc, you do some modifications/addon worth Rs 1, so add all this, your profit % and thats it.

thats the open costing way. and a transparent system.

but then due to competition, say a similar product such as yours is available easily at Rs5/pc, then you will have to decide on the price for yourself.

but if your product and your services are excellent, you can always get a better price.
also depends on the market you are catering to.
i sell my produce to two different customer, at a big price difference. one is a direct consumer, and other a wholeseller.

so depending on your network, clients, overheads, profit, competition etc you can decide.


NASIK? did i read NASIK ? :smiley:

Mr.Gaurav, are you sourcing from sinnar ?


Dear Vikas,

Can we discuss this in detail… call/sms me on nine eight two zero triple three five seven three.

hey Mandar,
i am Vivek :slight_smile:

i think phone numbers and websites can be posted freely in this website.
cant we discuss here till a certain level?
thats the main aim for starting this post sir, most of us need help here.


Think the discussion is bit old, nevertheless I believe it has relevance still. We are developing an online platform where all the stake holders from vegetable farmers to consumers can communicate the pricing in a transparent way. This will include logistic operators , whole sale merchants and street sellers. Is there any thread where we can discuss this further? does these prices for kgs or tons or quintols or … how iz it been priced?

sorry to dig older post team


I m wholesale supplier of vegetable at will u supply vegetable for me do revert