List of Perennial Vegetable crops

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Are okra & tinda perennial?

Can you share the list of vegetable crops that are perennial?

Apologies for the naive question, but I cant imagine anyother better place to get an answer!  :stuck_out_tongue:


Saravana Kumar

don’t know about tinda but okra is 5 months crop but can be made as 3year long crop. yield will be less.

Thank you Sri.

When you say 5 months, do you mean that we uproot the old ones after 5 months and plant new or the plant as such dies after 5 months?



Yes. after 5 months they start drying. There is method, a variety called baby brinjals for this they graft our regular brinjal. such plants yield up to 3 years.

see baby brinjal in picture

I have captured the “duration of crops in my blog” (agricultureforeverybody.blogspot … ed-on.html)  and you can easily find out which vegetables is perennial or not?

Thank you again Sri.

@ Padmanaban

That’s an amazingly well compiled list. Thank you so much. Exactly what I needed.



Thank you Sir,

Can you Provide those seedlings for My Farm.