Liquid organic fertilizer - how to market?

We are having an idea of liquid organic fertilizers that enhances growth results in quantity and quality of yielding.We want to use commercially and do marketing of the fertilizers.please suggests procedures and marketing stratigies…

Distribute free samples after identifying farmers who are a) progressive and open to trying out new practices and b) have large following in the farming community and are recognized as leaders in their region. If your product is really good, they will call you back for more and will spread the good word. This will fetch you more orders than featuring ads in farm magazines or using other traditional marketing methods. It will take time though and will require you to be patient but the more farmers your reach, the greater will be your chances.

PS: You can contact Swamy (dns1807) for list of such farmers. He’s one himself.

Please send some Samples for vrious Crops.Based on the results we will Market your Product in a Massive way .We will show you a GOOD Market in Andhrapradesh and Karnataka.