Lime plant not fruiting

I have some five lemon plants which are all over three years old now. Despite best of my efforts and nutrition given to it has failed to fruit. Can anyone suggest remedies?  :'(

Dear Sir,
For fruiting two things are required to be done. 1. Control vegetative growth to allow formation of generative tissues. 2. Support plant by providing certain Cytokinines  which will promote and dominate female flowering.

We can help you in fruiting your plants. We have a product by name ‘PLENTY-MOAR’ which is to be given by foliar spray/through drip water. The same is to be given at the onset of flowering.
Please let us know your location to help you in this regard.

You can try JAIVA SANJEEVAN spray 5 ml per ltr fresh water for foliar spray and 10 ml per ltr fresh water for soil application. You may contact Mr Kishor Lohagaonkar at Dombivli cell no 02512426748.
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Anant Joglekar

I too have lime tree around 8 of them and all do not give the fruit the same way. But I get good number of lime everyweek. AS this is off season the takers are not may. I get around 300 lemon every week. With summer approaching what are the steps to be taken to get good lemon? There are lot of dry branches and the area around the lemon plants are almost wet all the time.

I also noticed patches on the lemon and a few become yellow when they are quite small. Is there a remedy for this?

Thanks in advance.


Some expert advice on this topic please.

I applied around 8 Kgs of Compost, 50 gms or Urea and 100 gms of DAP for the Lemon plants. Is this good. The plants are quite old say over 10 years.

hit a nail on the stem 8" above the ground. nail can be 2-3". This has no scientific explaination but works in most of the cases.

Hi, I have tried and tested this for papaya plants, but never heard this for any citrus plants? has anyone tried this practically?