Life of cow

How many years does a dairy cow live in India?

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Vishal Goel

For commercial dairy max 5 years. after that many animals yields less and it is less than annual breakeven of that animal. Animals live 15-20. But life span is not to be considered for commercial dairy. You must consider lactation span. i.e. 5 years.


To 5 years ke baad us cow ko kya karte hai?


After 5 years kam milk deti hai… kitna kam ho jata hai???

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FOr commercial dairy, if cow is milking or if it is pregnant then it is of value, otherwise, you should sell it. Not neccesarily for slaughter, gift it to some farmer who can feed it for some nominal price.
Going with current trends, slaughter is going to be eradicated, so better to respect the decision and allow our fellow farmers to also make some money with good quality cows that are capable of milking but not suitable for our farm.

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How to make profit, if cows use only for 5 years…

Price of Cow (Including transportation) : Rs 70-80000

Sale Price of Milk Per liter : Rs - 34
Feeding cost per liter      : Rs-  26
Other expenses per liter  : Rs - 04
Profit per liter                  : Rs- 4

Total production per year 4500 lts
Cow use for 5 years

(4 profit per liter *4500 lts * 5 year) = Rs 90000

Kindly share your knowledge
This information is very important for me…

How come you are spending Rs. 26 to produce 1 litre milk? Something is wrong with your calculations.
If everything is tuned and planned properly, and cost optimised, I believe you can produce at least 1.5 litres in that price.

Rs. 34 selling price is very good price, in Karnataka we are managing with only Rs. 26.

Anyway, do more research and you will get answers. It is never clear or straight-forward, take time to understand and research.

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Feeding  cost per day per cow is Rs : 300-400 (average 350)
per day per cow milk production is 15 liter

Feeding cost per liter is = 350/15 = Rs 23.34

feeding cost of cows is 300-400 rs/day  ::) :-\ :astonished: ???
brother what are you intending to feed? mcdonal pizza? :smiley: :sunglasses:

my  analysis
say cow is yielding 15 lts/day
concentrate required is 7.5 (@ 500gms/lts which is worst scenario)
daily metobolic maintainance around 1 kg
so total 8 kgs of concentrates
karnataka concentrate rated(small variation in rest of india not a major difference)
nandini gold  feeds 830/50 kg so each kg costs 16.6 rs/kg
SKM feeds 830/50 kg  16.6rs
godrej feeds 1050/50 kg 21 rs/kg
so 21X8.5 approximately 170 rs
green fodder @ 1rs(actually 50 paise) 20-225 kgs= 25 rs
dry fodder 3rs(2 rs/kg) 10 kgs= 30 rs
mineral mixture 50gms/day
agrimin forte(145 rs/kg) = 7.5 rs

and labour charges electricity etc(depends on number of cows)
say 10000/ month  for 10 cows= 333/day for 10 cows=33/cow

so that comes around 265.5 rs excluding labour charges

now my cow yields 16ltrs/day
i give around  6kg concentrate(SKM)=105 rs
about half kg GNC 20rs
about 50 gms mineral mixture say 10rs
green fodder and dry fodder around 30 rs( own)
additional expenses etc etc etc etc say 20 rs

so totally i shell out around 180-200 rs

now income side

karnataka hassan dist
KMF pays 22+4 rs/ltr=26/ltr
atleast 16 ltrs day(cow gives more milk if fed with more concentrate- milking is manual)
16X 26=416==400

400-200=200 net profit /day

at worst 22X16=352/day net profit of 150 rs /day

please explain how you arrived at 300-400/dayy


Actually I am planning to start a dairy farm in Odisha. I talk with so many people every one said that feeding cost per day per cow is Rs-300-400/-. I dont have practical knowledge.

Thanks for sharing knowledge.

As per your reply ( Feeding cost Per day per cow)

Green fodder    25 kg  * Rs - 1/kg  = 25
Dry fodder        10 kg  * Rs- 3/kg  = 30
Concentrates    8 kg  * Rs- 21/kg  = 168
Minerals              50 grams              = 7

                                      Total Rs = 230

Am i right ??


I dont have enough agriculture land. Can i depend on hydroponic fodder system for feeding requirement?
Is hydroponic fodder system full fill the complete requirement of green fodder?

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Vishal Goel

hydroponic fodder system as of now is not economical
how much land do you own/have for dairy purpose depending on that start a  dairy farm
initially dont start dairy depending on “purchasing fodder from outside”


Totally agree with Praveen, hydroponic system is not a practical solution in current scenario. Although it gives awesome output and looks very tempting, unfortunately the input expenses are very high :frowning:

If you do not have enough land to grow fodder, you need to arrange for it first, buying green fodder in initial stages is not very good idea…

My personal suggestion in this situation - do not look at buying land and blocking the capital, instead invest that to get good cows. For land, go for lease option, 3 to 5yrs lease. By then make enough money to buy your own land… :slight_smile: good luck

hydroponic system is not a practical solution in current scenario. Although it gives awesome output and looks very tempting, unfortunately the [color=red]input expenses are very high [/color]:frowning:

Input expenses means regular expenses or capital investment???

I am planning to start with 10 HF cows and increase it to 50  hf cow in 1 year.

brother vishal just let us know how much land you own?

Hi Vishal

Capital expense: very high - but there are ways to reduce it to a very low setup cost if you can simulate controlled growing conditions in a more simpler form using bamboo shelves and shadenet.

Regular expense (working expense) - if you are going with fodder growing machines:

  1. They need constant power supply
  2. grow lights inside need to be on always
  3. u need constant supply of seeds (maize, wheat or others)
  4. constant supply and storage of input seeds is a challenge at times

Hydroponic fodder system works on 1 seed 1 plant theory… but most seeds sown in the soil give multiple plants. Once you sow the seed, you can have multiple cuttings of fodder. 

Presently I have 1/2 acre land only. but i can arrange more 1/2 acre land easily.